Doom Legends PENTAGRAM To Re-Issue Review Your Choices And Sub-Basement Albums In September; Details Revealed

July 6, 2024, 6 days ago

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Doom Legends PENTAGRAM To Re-Issue Review Your Choices And Sub-Basement Albums In September; Details Revealed

Recently signed to European powerhouse Heavy Psych Sounds Records, doom metal legends Pentagram are set to reissue the Review Your Choices and Sub-Basement albums (originally released in 1999 and 2001 respectively via Black Widow Records) in a fully remastered version engineered by Tony Reed, and adorned by brand new artworks by Mirkow Gastow and SoloMacello. 

Details below.

Their fourth studio album, Review Your Choices, marked Pentagram’s sixth comeback after several lineup and label changes. These acclaimed godfathers of Doom Metal proved once more indestructible by drug addiction, break ups, bad deals, jail terms, chronic illness, satanic blood sacrifices and various acts of self-destruction. Main-man and singer Bobby Liebling has kept his band alive for over 35 years now and might easily be awarded the title of "longest serving cult band" – highly acclaimed by fans, press and fellow musicians alike. Review Your Choices marked the return of multi-instrumentalist Joe Hasselvander to join Bobby Liebling in his eternal quest to create the heaviest sound possible. The album features a mix of re-recorded lost Liebling tracks from the 70's and stellar new numbers penned by Hasselvander, which gave "Review Your Choices" an extra heavy feeling. Pentagram once again set a standard to be followed by such illustrious followers as Cathedral, Spirit Caravan, Goatsnake, St. Vitus, Trouble or High On Fire among many others. Dive down deep into gloom and despair with this classic doom recording!


"Burning Rays"
"Change Of Heart"
"Living In A Ram's Head"
"Gorgon's Slave"
"Review Your Choices"
"The Diver"
"The Bees"
"I Am Vengeance"
"Forever My Queen"
"Mow You Down"
"Downhill Slope"
"Mow You Down" (alternative take)
"Forever My Queen" (alternate take)

Doom is made out of 666 tons heavy riffing, vocals filled with pain, regret and spite as well as leaden song structures stretched taut to the point of ripping. Pentagram embody all those virtues like no other contender in this oldest of all metal genres founded by none other than Black Sabbath. Many have named Pentagram the true heirs of those originators of Heavy Metal and honorably dubbed them 'the American Black Sabbath'. In this sixth incarnation of the band, doom lord Bobby Liebling had reunited with drummer Joe Hasselvander, who had already been a member of Pentagram twice before. Hasselvander played all the instruments, while Liebling added his matchless vocals. "Sub-Basement" was the second output of this line-up and is regarded as the most Rock N' Roll effort of the doomsters ever. On top of Pentagram's perfect doom sound an irresistible groove and capturing catchiness was added, which made the album an all-time favourite for many fans. 


"Drive Me To The Grave"
"Go In Circles (Reachin' For An End)"
"Mad Dog"
"After The Last"
"Tidal Wave"
"Out Of Luck"
"Review Your Choices" (alternative version)
"Megalania" (alternate version)

Street date for both re-issues in September 27th.

Pentagram have announced a string of European shows for September / October 2024. Dates are listed below.

27 - Bilbao, Spain - Kristonfest 
28 - Madrid, Spain - Kristonfest

1 - Athens, Greece - Kyttaro
2 - Cyprus - Downtown
4 - Würzburg, Germany - Keep It True Rising 
5 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Up In Smoke Festival

Heavy Psych Sounds Records issued the following statement regarding the signing of Pentagram:

Says the label: "We’re incredibly stoked to announce that the US pioneers of doom metal Pentagram are now part of the Heavy Psych Sounds family! We'll release a brand new album after 9 long years and reissue two gems from the past with new artworks and coloured vinyls!!"

Says Pentagram's Bobby Liebling: "Pentagram was conceived 53 years ago! We’ve seen many ups and downs and if the decades have given us anything, its wisdom. We know our new studio album is the best one we’ve ever written. We also realize that we need the perfect partner who not only understands the music but also knows the importance of packaging and presentation..

"After a meticulous search for the right record label, we are proud to announce that Pentagram has signed with Heavy Psych Sounds! They are fans first, musicians themselves and believe in the music as much as we do!

"On the topic of our best albums, HPS will also reissue my favorite Pentagram album to date, Sub-Basement and its companion, Review Your Choices. These two sorely overlooked albums will finally get the packaging and distribution that they’ve deserved. Joe Hasselvander did an incredible job on the instrumentation of these albums and co-wrote some of our thickest and most demented material. No longer will these records be passed by and overlooked! They stand tall next to any album perceived as “heavy” back in 1999/2000.”

Heavy Psych Sounds adds: “Here at HPS Records we are all so stoked and excited and still can’t believe that we are going to work with such an incredible band. A band who laid the groundwork for the doom and metal scenes, a band that put its indelible mark on the history of this genre. We hope to have a long and fruitful bond and work diligently together for years to come. It is with immense pride and excitement that we will soon reissue 2 great albums from the past and a brand new one. Together with the band singing we are offering a choice of brand new merchandise ready to go from our online shop. It was a pleasure to have worked with Pellet to make this joint venture a success.”

Check out new Pentagram merch here, and stay tuned for updates.

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