EDENBRIDGE - "The Road To Shangri-La" Making Of Video Streaming

June 20, 2022, a year ago

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EDENBRIDGE - "The Road To Shangri-La" Making Of Video Streaming

August 26 will see Austrian symphonic metal force, Edenbridge, release their eleventh studio album, Shangri-La, via AFM Records. The band have released this new video, a "making of" the song and video, "The Road To Shangri-La":

With its nine epic, new tracks, Shangri-La takes the dedicated Edenbridge listener on a musical ride into the realms of finest symphonic metal. Their forthcoming album not only unleashes a sophisticated range of compositions along with an intoxicating and bombastic sound atmosphere Edenbridge are known and loved for, but the band created their most diverse record to date. Despite constantly high quality standards and as the new offering proves, Edenbridge continually expands their musical expression from album to album without abandoning their trademarks. This time, the band has created a fine balance between emotionally magical moments, an ever-present mystical atmosphere and heavy, fast-paced riffage.

Pre-order the Shangri-La album here.


"At First Light"
"The Call Of Eden"
"Hall Of Shame"
"Savage Land"
"Somewhere Else But Here"
"Freedom Is A Roof Made Of Stars"
"Arcadia (The Great Escape)"
"The Road To Shangri-La"
"The Bonding (Part 2)"
"The Bonding Overture"
"Alpha And Omega"
"The Eleventh Hour"
"Round And Round"
"The Timeless Now – Finale"

"The Road To Shangri-La" video:

"Somewhere Else But Here" lyric video:

(Photo - Leitenbauer Photography)

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