Exclusive: BRUTTA Feat. Past / Present HAKEN, ATHEMON Members Premiere Debut Single

May 16, 2022, 2 years ago

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Exclusive: BRUTTA Feat. Past / Present HAKEN, ATHEMON Members Premiere Debut Single

Brutta out of São Paulo, Brazil, and the UK featuring the trio of Adriano Ribeiro (Athemon) (guitars, vocals), Tom MacLean (Athemon, ex-Haken) (bass), and Gledson Gonçalves (drums) are fresh, eager and ready to melt the faces off metalheads around the world. They have their debut self-titled album coming out this June, which is a formidable introduction to this new band of seasoned, professional musicians. Right now, the band is streaming the title track off the album via its premiere on BraveWords!

The opening track on the full-length, it’s about letting yourself be transformed by Brutta’s aggressiveness, and admiring its uniqueness while being taken over by the transformation process. Brutta is what everyone will become, so watch out! The band explains further:

“We treasure this song a lot, as it was one of the first composed by us. It has an open evil chord followed by an explosion blast beat with a heavy bass seal. It's the sound that never stops providing you with madness energy! The song is direct and precise. From its wicked atmosphere and obscure melody lines, we believe fans will be very curious about what’s to come!”

What follows after the title track is a high-speed, onslaught of blackened death metal spanning eight tracks, which is at times tense, occasionally experimental, but always heavy. The lyrics on the record come from human behaviour interests, especially its darker angles. Themes such as emptiness, hatred, and anxiety as well as religion and how it affects individuals.

According to Brutta, they believe fans will dig the sound, as it’s very original and consistent, but in a catchy and tuneful way. The dark atmospheres will drive the minds of listeners to obscure places. They are recommended listening for fans of Mayhem, Bloodbath, and Dark Funeral.

The album will be released on June 17, 2022; preorder on Bandcamp.



Album teaser:

(Photo credit: Gledson and Adriano: Felipe Rinke. Tom: self-taken photo)

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