Exclusive: HOLY GRAIL Singer Debuts New, Vintage Sounding Trio INTRANCED; US Dates Confirmed In September

August 15, 2022, a year ago

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Exclusive: HOLY GRAIL Singer Debuts New, Vintage Sounding Trio INTRANCED; US Dates Confirmed In September

by Mark Gromen

Calling themselves LatiNWOBHM (Latino Wave of British Heavy Metal), a trio of LA scene veterans are set to launch an eponymous six-track debut. On the mic, the considerable talents of James-Paul Luna (Holy Grail, White Wizzard). Man can this guy SING, in the classic metal style (not shrieks, grunts or whatever passes for vocalizations, these days)! While just an opening salvo, the musical soundscape is right in his wheelhouse, late 70s bluesy hard rock and the aforementioned period of UK glory. To that end, the promotional literature claims, "The trio were united by the goal of mining the deep, rich seams of classic 70’s and 80’s heavy metal, with a premium on songwriting and a focus on the epic themes of real life: triumph, tragedy, and heartbreak."

Guitar duties are handled by Fortress/ex-Witherfall string bender Fil Bibiano. Although he doesn't steal the show, with over-the-top histrionics, a quick listen to "Upside Down" and their upbeat signature tune, demonstrates his chops. On drums, Ben Richardson, also from High Roller signee Fortress, as well as Wild Eyes. In reality, this is a four-song EP, sandwiched between short acoustic instrumentals, the 58 seconds of "Ángeles Nocturnos" and the double-tracked classical guitar "Danza Macabra" finale. The introduction segues into "Upside Down". It wouldn't be out-of-place in Luna's previous canon, without the skyscraping highs (those are to be found elsewhere, in small doses). Listen for the ride cymbal accents beneath a brief, searing guitar run.

Voice pushed forward in the mix, "Dream Lover" is an old school "let's have sex" love song, even if it shuffles with more urgency than the the title and subject matter would suggest, thanks to a seductive pitter/patter of double bass drums. "Dream lover, I want your body close to mine. Dream lover, I see the magic in your eyes. Dream lover, when I'm with you I feel alive. Dream lover, can't live without you in my life.": simple, repetitive lyric (great for non-English audiences), early metal nativity, built around an infectious riff. Each of the aforementioned pair are competed in less than three minutes!

For the first three minutes, "El Gran Deseo" sort of struts (bits recalling Paul Rodgers, Bad Company) before taking an aggressive turn, although finishing much as it began. In between the moseying start and the spike in beats per minute (including revved up drumming) there are a few tasty blues licks. Fastest of the four main compositions, the titular cut comes closest to Luna last band; rapid fire lyric delivery, wailing in the upper register and ultimately punctuating the a cappella finale with a sustained high note.

Prior to the late September release, the band will be part of the Haunt/Seven Sisters tour, across the US. Watch for a more in-depth feature, at BraveWords.com, soon.

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