Exclusive: NECRONOMICON Premier “Unification Of The Four Pillars”; Audio Streaming

January 28, 2016, 8 years ago

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Exclusive: NECRONOMICON Premier “Unification Of The Four Pillars”; Audio Streaming

Montreal metal masters Necronomicon deliver a lethal dose of symphonic, blackened death metal with their imposing new album Advent Of The Human God. Tracks like "The Golden Gods", "Unification Of The Four Pillars", "Crown Of Thorns" and "I Bringer Of Light" demonstrate how deadly extreme metal can be. Advent Of The Human God sees Necronomicon at the height of their powers, and is the veteran band's definitive album to date. BraveWords is hosting the conjuration of blackened darkness with “Unification Of The Four Pillars” streaming below:

With Advent Of The Human God, Necronomicon present themselves at a new height in their long lasting career, which began as early as 1988 with the founding of the band by guitarist and singer Rob "The Witch" Tremblay in the deep northern part of Canadian province Quebec, called the "Fjord of Saguenay".

The Canadian veterans keep their tracks as gloriously epic as furiously massive and harsh. Songs like "The Golden Gods", "Unification Of The Four Pillars", "Crown Of Thorns" and "I Bringer Of Light" tell of experienced songwriting and an eclectic wide range of influences that flow into the sound of Necronomicon. Nodding to Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth to Deicide and Suffocation, these extreme metal addicts carve their own sound out of the much cherished ingredients of brutal dark music.

Necronomicon have a well-earned reputation for quality by releasing material only when ready and satisfied with the outcome ever since their demo entitled Morbid Ritual (1992) firmly established their name within the underground. The Silver Key EP (1996) led to mainstream recognition on a national level, but their debut album Pharaoh Of Gods (1999) and the sophomore The Sacred Medicines (2003) did even more to establish the band as a household name in Canada. Return Of The Witch (2010) marked the international break-through for Necronomicon, and saw them performing at prestigious festivals such as Inferno (Norway), Ragnarok (Germany), and the Barge To Hell metal cruise among others, while sharing stages with acts such as Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, and Morbid Angel, to name but a few. Their steady advance around the globe grew considerably in impact by their next full-length Rise Of The Elder Ones (2013). Now Necronomicon are more than ready for the next step with Advent Of The Human God. 


“The Descent”
“Advent Of The Human God”
“The Golden Gods”
“Okkultis Trinity”
“Unification Of The Four Pillars”
“Crown Of Thorns”
“The Fjord”
“I (Bringer Of Light)”
“Innocence And Wrath” (Celtic Frost cover)
"Alchemy Of The Avatar"

Rob "The Witch": vocals, guitar
Mars: bass
Rick: drums

(Photo by: Malcolm Garn)

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