Exclusive: SHORES OF NULL Premieres “My Darkest Years” Music Video

February 9, 2023, a year ago

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Exclusive: SHORES OF NULL Premieres “My Darkest Years” Music Video

Rome’s Shores of Null is explaining their discography of melancholic doom with their fourth album The Loss Of Beauty, arriving March 24, 2023. Stylistically, The Loss Of Beauty continues along the sulcus set forth by Quiescence (2014) and Black Drapes For Tomorrow (2017). It’s melancholic dark metal with a wide range of influences, from gothic metal to doom and melodic black/death, with frequent use of vocal harmonies and deep growls. The next single is an emotional homage to stories told to guitarist Raffaele Colace by his grandfather, a WWII veteran. 

He shares the details:

“He was taken prisoner in Russia, but he managed to escape and he traveled all the way to Greece, where he hid for a few years in the countryside, in a swamp between the trees, sometimes in a pigpen. In his stories, he told of a woman that brought him a piece of bread every now and then, thus saving him from hunger. Although he managed to escape and survive the war and return to his family in Italy, sorrow never left him for the rest of his life. Whenever he recalled these memories, his eyes were full of tears, and we know for sure that the horrors he saw were way bigger than anything he was able to tell.”

Vocalist Davide Straccione takes his inspiration from daily life, in particular stories with a deep emotional meaning. Most of the time it’s the mood of the song that inspires him to write about a certain topic, and writing lyrics with a melody in mind allows him to visualize what he wants to tell. For The Loss Of Beauty some of the lyrics came after talking to Martina (Sanda Movies) about a few ideas for some of their videos, creating a triple connection between the music, the words, and the images.

BraveWords is premiering the new music video (created by Underrom Studio) for “My Darkest Years” – watch below!

The Loss Of Beauty will be released on March 24 via Spikerot Records. Pre-orders can be placed now at this location.

Shores Of Null will be touring Europe with Swallow The Sun, Draconian, and Avatarium in April/May 2023.

Find tour and ticket information at shoresofnull.com/tour.

The Loss Of Beauty artwork and tracklisting:

"Destination Woe"
"The Last Flower" 
"Darkness Won't Take Me" 
"Nothing Left To Burn" 
"Old Scars" 
"The First Son" 
"A Nature In Disguise" 
"My Darkest Years"
"Fading As One" 
"A New Death Is Born"

Bonus Tracks (CD and Digital only)
"Underwater Oddity" 
"Blazing Sunlight" 

"The Last Flower" video:

"Nothing Left To Burn" video:

Featured Video

KELEVRA - "The Distance"

KELEVRA - "The Distance"

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