Exclusive: Stream ETHEREAL VOID’s Gods Of A Dead World Ahead Of Release!

May 25, 2023, 11 months ago

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Exclusive: Stream ETHEREAL VOID’s Gods Of A Dead World Ahead Of Release!

Behold Ethereal Void, a trinity of death metal musicians whose music emanates from the shadows of Ontario, Canada. Infused with groove and progressive elements, their rhythmic dirges speak of the void beyond time and space, a place of emptiness and desolation. Forged in that void, their music embodies the hopelessness of existence, reminding us of the futility of our struggles. Their third album Gods Of A Dead World is now ready to be shown the light of day and they invite you to indulge in the album stream. 

They comment:

“This album is definitely our most consistent offering to date. We refined the sound both in writing and production while maintaining a unique angle for every song. The biggest stand-out is the introduction of orchestral elements to the sound. It feels like a long time coming, at least from my perspective. The album is much more refined musically as well. While we generally keep to the traditional EV themes, there is a constant-running sub-theme of the futility and violence of warfare.”

Throughout the album, Ethereal Void takes up through moments of tension, traditional death metal, instrumental interludes, relentless riffs, and anxious melodies. They cover bleak and harsh topics such as war, suicide, a dying planet, and the worship of entropy. The organic conjuring of the album is initially created by Terci Ruina creates, further embellished by Nemesis, and completed by “Voiicide” who also produced, mixed, and mastered it.

Gods Of A Dead World is raw, visceral, and primitive. The groove-based death metal darkness within is recommended for fans of Gojira, Septic Flesh, and The Design Abstract.

BraveWords is hosting the Gods Of A Dead World album stream – listen below:

Preorder the album on Bandcamp.


"Overture To Annihilation"
"The Faceless"
"Seeds Of Hatred"
"The Art Of Ruination"
"Psychosomatic Suicide"
"Decay" (Interlude)
"Return To The Void"
"The Brown Stone Spire"
"Gods Of A Dead World"

"The Voiceless":

"Seeds Of Hatred" lyric video:

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KELEVRA - "The Distance"

KELEVRA - "The Distance"

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