FATES WARNING Guitarist MICHAEL ABDOW - "The Band Didn't Break Up" (Video)

October 1, 2023, 4 months ago

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FATES WARNING Guitarist MICHAEL ABDOW - "The Band Didn't Break Up" (Video)

In a new video interview with music journalist Joel Gausten, guitarist Michael Abdow (Fates Warning, Ray Alder) discusses his new solo album, Séance In Black, and the status of Fates Warning.

When asked to share his thoughts on the future of Fates Warning considering singer Ray Alder’s recent statements that guitarist Jim Matheos doesn’t want to write new material for the band, Abdow offered the following response:

 "I’m not really privy to anything that Ray hasn’t said already in interviews. The band didn’t break up. We’d like to tour, (but) there are scheduling issues with various members. As far as Jim maybe not wanting to pursue new Fates Warning records, that’s very much his call, and it’s his arena there. I respect that. Of course, I’d like to play more with the band and do more records. I’ve got a lot of life in me - not that they don’t. Jim’s writing a ton of music; all the guys are writing a ton of music in different bands. But I also appreciate where he’s coming from, where everything he does is inspired. So, if he’s not feeling a particular thing, he’s not going to do it just to do it. I’m not speaking for him, but he’s going to just be honest and say, 'Well, I’m not interested in doing that right now.' That’s just the vibe that I get from it, from what I’ve heard in interviews, and just from knowing him. I totally respect what he wants to do."  

Abdow’s new album, Séance In Black, will be released on October 6 via Couch Cat Records. More information is available at michaelabdow.com.


Fates Warning vocalist, Ray Alder, released his sophomore solo album, II, on June 9 via InsideOutMusic. Sakis Fragos from Rock Hard Greece spoke with Alder back in May, and in the video excerpt below, he speaks about the future of Fates Warning and the new project with Jim Matheos.

Says Ray: “Long Day Good Nght was the way of him saying he doesn’t want to write anymore Fates Warning music. It doesn’t mean we won’t ever tour again. I would love to tour again and Jim would as well. We’ve already discussed it. It’s just a matter of getting everyone together.”

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