Finland's WHERE'S MY BIBLE Share Brazilian Tour Documentary - Part 1 (Video)

November 20, 2023, 2 weeks ago

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Finland's WHERE'S MY BIBLE Share Brazilian Tour Documentary - Part 1 (Video)

Finland's Chaoszine travelled to Brazil with Come To Latin America band competition winners, Where's My Bible, and documented their three show tour in the beautiful country. Check out the first episode of the three-part tour documentary below.


Finnish melodic death metal band Where's My Bible recently released a new single and music video, "Fenrir". The track is taken from the band's upcoming studio album, to be released vuia Inverse Records.

Listen to "Fenrir" on streaming services found here

Vocalist Jussi Matilainen comments: "The lyrics are a combination of the human mind and Nordic mythology as a metaphor. In the song 'Fenrir' we focus on bringing the story to life with theatrics adding a poetic style of narration to it, like in the old days. The song is about Fenrir the wolf eating the sun when Ragnarok starts and thus setting an end to an era and launching a mythical apocalypse.

The main idea behind this story is; what is your Fenrir? What is the big bad beast to destroy your own world? Fenrir can be a real thing and alive because of your own creation. It can be an unsolved problem in your life you never took care of and it haunts you in the dark of night.

In this song, we included nearly a thousand-year-old instruments such as the kravik lyre (which is self-made) and the tagelharpa to enhance the narrative and its mythical essence.

The theme of the album itself revolves strongly around Nordic mythology and the human mind, especially during the night time. We will open this concept more later on but now is a great time to follow us."

Guitarist Pasi Löfgren comments: "The upcoming album follows musically the same path of style as the Circle EP by bringing it to an even deeper level. On Fenrir I wanted to include more of our technical playing combined with beautiful melodies and heavy riffs. And I couldn't be happier how it turned out. With new added elements like kravik lyre and tagelharpa at the end of the song makes a great mix of technicality, melodiousness and heaviness and it is a perfect first taste of what you can expect from the album." 

Photo by Teppo Ristola Photography

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