Former ACCEPT Bassist PETER BALTES - “I Couldn’t Stand It Anymore… I Needed Happiness In My Life And There Was No Happiness There”

March 17, 2023, a year ago

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Former ACCEPT Bassist PETER BALTES - “I Couldn’t Stand It Anymore… I Needed Happiness In My Life And There Was No Happiness There”

Former Accept bassist Peter Baltes opened up about his departure from the German metal legends in 2018 in an interview with Dr. Music citing unhappiness and finding out he was a hired gun when Accept reformed in 2009.

Baltes: “I was extremely unhappy and I found out a few things. I had been with the band forever and I found in the end, in this incarnation of the band, I wasn’t even a member, but a hired gun. It was these things that come out where you didn’t have any input, insight and you start getting bitter and there’s no reason to – somebody else’s ego is too big – well, two of them and it takes them there and they need to control everything, have everything, you name it, and that’s what got Udo [Dirkschneider, former singer] back then and it everybody. And I was the last man standing. I couldn’t stand it anymore…I needed happiness in my life and there was no happiness there.”

International power metal band, Ashrain, have reveald a video for "I Still Burn", the second single from the band's debut album, Requiem Reloaded, set for international release on April 14 via Metalville Records. Watch the clip below.

Ashrain is a newly formed power metal band, founded by guitarist and producer Nozomu Wakai (Destinia / Shortino / Sigh). Nozomu as Destinia released an album titled Metal Souls in 2018, featuring the likes of Tommy Aldridge, Marco Mendoza, and Ronnie Romero. He also worked with Paul Shortino and his band Shortino, and was also featured on the latest Alcatrazz album. In addition, Nozumu has worked as a guitarist for the well-known Japanese black metal band Sigh and has performed at festivals such as Brutal Assault 2022 and Candelabrum (Mexico) 2022.

In 2020, Nozomu began recording new material with his long-time friend Peter Baltes (ex-Accept). They were later joined by Iuri Sanson (ex-Hibria) and Andy C (ex-Lords Of Black). Ashrain was born, and the strong debut Requiem Reloaded was completed. The album was mixed by Simone Mularoni (DGM) at Domination Studio. It also features Elyes Bouchoucha (Myrath) as guest keyboardist. Requiem Reloaded presents beautiful, impressive melodies, guitars with bite, and a fat bass - everything that good power metal needs.


"Are You Ready For Rock?"
"Requiem For Screamer"
"Put On The Trigger"
"I Still Burn"
"Break Through The Fire"
"Symphony Of Despair"
"No Surrenders"
"The End Of Sorrow"
"We Fight To Win"

"I Still Burn" video:

"Put On The Trigger" video:


Iuri Sanson - vocals
Nozomu Wakai - guitar
Peter Baltes - bass
Andy C - drums

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