Former FREHLEY'S COMET Bassist JOHN REGAN Passes At Age 71

April 8, 2023, a year ago

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Former FREHLEY'S COMET Bassist JOHN REGAN Passes At Age 71

Sad news has come down that rock bassist John Regan, known for his work with Frehley's Comet - launched by original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley - David Lee Roth, Peter Frampton, Billy Idol, Robin Trower and more passed away on April 7th at age 71. Cause of death has not been revealed.

Regan was also a member of Four By Fate, launched with former Frehley's Comet bandmate / guitarist Tod Howarth, in 2014. Howarth has shared the following message via social media:

"I started this over and over, I can't capture everything I'm feeling...

By now most all of you know of John Regan's passing today. Early this morning he called me but it was a butt dial. Typical over the last decade or so.

When I texted him 'You rang?' He responded; 'Not that I know of'...' and said that he hoped he didn't wake me up. 

I replied: 'No worries, I was about to walk the dog.'"

This would be the last time I got to 'speak' with my dear friend of 38 years because I never got to call him back before I got a devastating request from a mutual friend to 'please call.'

John, of course, was a world class talent and an incredible human being, and from a personal level, he was responsible for me joining him with Ace (Frehley) and Anton (Fig). He was also responsible for the championing of my song 'It's Over Now'. There's way too much to say and it's hard to type, stopping and starting constantly.

I really haven't stopped crying most of today as the music world loses another, and trying to respond to everyone (thank you all, love you dearly) I just, I just can't. Again, what's more important is the man, the music, love, talent and friendship that he shared for his 71 years.

I think I spoke to most all of our Comet / Four By Fate / Return Of The Comet band members and then beyond today. We're all shattered and I know his family is devastated.

I'll just finish my night out as I started about mid-California morning. Luckily my dog Lexi hears me and is leaning into me sensing my distress.

Love you and already miss you John. Thank you."

Regan recorded four albumns with Frehley's Comet: Trouble Walkin' (1989), 12 Picks (1997), Loaded Deck (1998), Greatest Hits Live (Ace Frehley) (2006). Four By fate released their debut album, Relentless, in 2016.

BraveWords sends our heartfelt condolences to John Regan's family and friends.

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