Former ICED EARTH Singer STU BLOCK Teams Up With HELION PRIME's JASON ASHCRAFT On New Track "My Vengeance Is Everything (Chaos Reigns)"; Lyric Video

May 26, 2023, 11 months ago

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Former ICED EARTH Singer STU BLOCK Teams Up With HELION PRIME's JASON ASHCRAFT On New Track "My Vengeance Is Everything (Chaos Reigns)"; Lyric Video

Guitarist Jason Ashcraft (Helion Prime, Dire Peril, Planeswalker, Of Romulus) has teamed up with Stu Block (Into Eternity, ex-Iced Earth) to breathe new life into a re-recording of a Dire Peril song released back in 2014, "My Vengeance Is Everything". This song is the title track on a new two-song EP, which also features a cover of "Blood Upon the Snow" originally written by Bear McCreary for the God Of War Ragnarok Soundtrack, fitting the God Of War trilogy theme of the EP.

Jason Ashcraft comments: "I was listening to the old Dire Peril EPs one evening as sometimes it's nice to revisit the past and see how far you've come. While listening to them I was really digging into this song and thought to myself 'You know there is still potential here and I bet with a new coat of paint it could really shine'. I knew there was one man I wanted to help me bring this back to life - Stu Block. He did such an amazing job on this song I'm excited for everyone to hear it!"

Also joining Jason Ashcraft on the recordings for the EP is drummer Alex Bosson (Helion Prime, Lunar), bassist Chelsea McMasters (ex-Dire Peril), guitarist Taylor Washington (Paladin), vocalists Heather Michele (ex-Helion Prime) and R.A. Voltaire (Ravenous E.H.) along with bassist Carlos Alvarez (Power Theory), guitarist Alon Mei-Tal, and Key Arrangements by Anthony Stahl.

Ashcraft continues: "I knew I wanted to do more with this release and really make it special. That's why I decided to do a cover of 'Blood Upon The Snow' and I love the way it turned out we all really made it our own. I brought Heather Michele on board for this one and she did such a great job. Even got a few words out of R.A. Voltaire (Ravenous E.H.) for this tune".

Watch the lyric video for "My Vengeance is Everything (Chaos Reigns)" ft. Stu Block below. Stream the track here.

The My Vengeance Is Everything EP is available here.


"My Vengeance is Everything (Chaos Reigns)"
"Blood Upon The Snow"

"My Vengeance is Everything (Chaos Reigns)" lyric video:


"My Vengeance is Everything (Chaos Reigns)" recording lineup:

Jason Ashcraft - Rhythm Guitars
Stu Block - Vocals
Alex Bosson - Drums
Chelsea McMasters - Bass
Taylor Washington - Lead Guitars

"Blood Upon The Snow" recording lineup:

Jason Ashcraft - Rhythm Guitars
Heather Michele - Vocals
Alex Bosson - Drums
Carlos Alvarez - Bass
Alon Mei-Tal - Lead Guitars
R.A. Voltaire - Male Chants
Anthony Stahl - Key Arrangements

"My Vengeance is Everything (Chaos Reigns)":

- Music by Jason Ashcraft and Brett Tardif
- Lyrics by Jason Ashcraft
- Original vocal arrangements by Norman Skinner

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