GENE SIMMONS Announces US Signing Sessions For Me, Inc. Business Book

October 8, 2014, 9 years ago

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GENE SIMMONS Announces US Signing Sessions For Me, Inc. Business Book

KISS legend Gene Simmons is gearing up for the October 21st release of his new book, Me, Inc.: Build An Army Of One, Unleash Your Inner Rock God, Win In Life And Business. He has announced a string of signing sessions to coincide with the release:

October 19 - 2:00pm

Barnes & Noble: The Grove

189 The Grove Drive

Los Angeles, CA

October 21 - 6:00pm

Barnes & Noble

97 Warren Street 

New York, NY

October 22 - 7:00pm

Books & Greetings

271 Livingston Street

Northvale, NJ

October 23 - 6:00pm

Barnes & Noble: Staten Island

2245 Richmond Ave.

Staten Island, NY

October 27 - 6:00pm

Changing Hands - 6428 S McClintock Drive

Tempe, AZ

October 28 - 4:00pm

Tivoli Theatre

5021 Highland Ave.

Downers Grove, IL

Following is an excerpt from an interview with U-T San Diego about the new book:

Simmons’ third book will be published this fall. Entitled Me, Inc., it is billed as a how-to primer for aspiring entrepreneurs.

“It’s a kind of Art Of War, army-of-one life and business book, kind of like the Books For Dummies," he said. "I'm duly diligent. I do a better job of balancing my budget than the US government does with its budget. America is in debt for almost $17 trillion. I've never been in debt."

Not even when KISS was struggling to make it back in 1973?

"I've always had more money than I spent, which is Rule #1, which is what I'll talk about in my book," Simmons said. "You are your own business."

Go to this location for the complete story.

The official press release for Me, Inc:

In Me, Inc., the marketing and finance wizard Gene Simmons gives aspiring entrepreneurs the critical tools they need to succeed. Simmons teaches you how to build a solid business strategy, harness the countless tools available in the digital age, network like hell, and be the architect for the business entity that is you. Inspired by The Art of War, Me, Inc. is organized around thirteen specific, easy-to-understand principles for success, drawn from Simmons’s own triumphs and failures. From finding the confidence necessary to get started, to surrounding yourself with the right people, to knowing when to pull the plug and when to double-down, these principles can help you attain the freedom and wealth of your dreams. Pre-order at or by using the widget below.

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