GENE SIMMONS Invites You To Get Up Close & Personal In Vegas

January 28, 2023, a year ago

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GENE SIMMONS Invites You To Get Up Close & Personal In Vegas

Gene Simmons has spent 50-plus years acquiring a legendary collection of KISS memorabilia and priceless items unique to Gene.

Now, it’s time for Gene to share the stories behind the items and, for a select few, pass a part of his collection on to YOU!

Get up close & personal with Gene Simmons on May 6th & 7th, 2023 at Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Your experience includes:

Day One: Saturday, May 6th - Spend The Day With Gene Simmons

  • This Up Close & Intimate Experience will take place in a private event room at The Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas.
  • Gene will take the stage and share stories about the items he’s passing onto his fans.
  • Gene will present you with personally selected items from his collection. (See the example below. You will see YOUR package before the event day!)
  • Gene will sign two of your personal items and you’ll get photos with Gene Simmons!
  • Gene will perform with his band!
  • You’ll get first dibs (never before offered to the public) on purchasing other items owned by Gene Simmons.

Day Two: Sunday, May 7th - An Intimate Dinner With Gene Simmons

Gene has reserved the Voodoo Steakhouse, and a Celebrity Chef, for a private Buyer’s Only exclusive dinner.

The Voodoo Steakhouse is on the top level of the Rio Hotel & Casino, with an outside patio overlooking an amazing view of the entire Las Vegas Strip.

Further details can be found here.



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