HOAXED Release "Guilty Ones" Music Video

September 22, 2022, a week ago

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HOAXED Release "Guilty Ones" Music Video

Hoaxed will soon unveil their captivating and catchy debut full-length, Two Shadows. Today, the band share the second single, “Guilty Ones”. Watch the video below.

Says the band: “Horrible injustices are executed everyday and Guilty Ones is a reflection of what role we all play in that execution.”

Comprised of vocalist/guitarist Kat Keo and drummer Kim Coffel, Hoaxed's superlative blend of styles - heavy melodic rock with captivating hooks, gothic undertones, undeniable metal, and tinges of Americana - pave the way for a singular expression that’s entirely their own. Check out the band's video for "The Call" below.

"Two Shadows - an eerie place wandering souls happen upon, a bridge between the land of the living and the unrestful afterlife, where you may suddenly find yourself with two shadows; your shadow and an ominous second shadow." - Hoaxed

Two Shadows is out October 28 on LP/CD/CS/Digital. Physical pre-orders are available via Relapse.com here. Digital Downloads/Streaming/Pre-Save here.

Two Shadows is as unique as it is memorable and catchy. The record thrusts, retreats, and beguiles across its melody-powered and hook-driven expanse, with earworms “The Call,” “Guilty Ones,” and “The Knowing” serving as the album’s crucial lighthouses.


"Two Shadows"
"The Call"
"The Knowing"
"For Love"
"Grand Illusions"
"High Seas"
"Guilty Ones"
"Where Good Won’t Go"

"The Call" video:

(Photo - Shimon Karmel)

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