How Casinos Are Designed To Be Attractive

March 4, 2021, 3 years ago


How Casinos Are Designed To Be Attractive

Gambling has been around for centuries, and the first land casino popped up way back in the 1600s. Ever present, these venues have really gained massive popularity over recent years and the casino industry is now massive, worldwide.

This is partly due to the fact that they actually offer a great product. Think about it, casinos such as betting sider uden dansk licens offer a fun experience, the chance to win big, socialise as well as provide a means to escape reality for a bit.

But don’t forget, there are also psychological tricks that casinos use to keep players playing the game, without you realising that the hours have even slipped away, as well as tricks to keep you spending that dollar.

Looking to avoid playing the fool? Here are a few ways in which casinos are designed to be attractive, so you’re at least aware in the future.

Slot machines

Believe it or not, slot machines make up the bulk of the profit for casinos. Essentially you can think of them as being designed to be money-makers, epitomising and incorporating all the psychological casino tactics mentioned above.

Ever seen a black and white, silent slot machine? Quite the opposite and these machines are designed to burst with bright lights, as well as being super colourful, showcasing different themes, especially those online, which can be found on the many online casinos that Japan-101 reviews. 

They’re filled with buzzing sounds and are super simple to use, but run at a fast-pace keeping players on the edge of their seat at all times. Slot machines love to make use of near-wins to ensure you stay hooked, and are probably one of the best examples of such tactics. More so, slot machines will always be placed in a circle to allow socialisation amongst players, or if you’re partaking online, there are online slot chat rooms so users can have a gander amongst themselves.

Colours and sounds

All casino types, both physical and online, make use of colours heavily to their advantage. If you’ve ever visited either type you will have noticed all of the bright, vivid colours strategically used to excite people.

Colours elicit different feelings, and casinos play on these. Ever noticed that the decor inside casinos themselves usually sports rich, warm and inviting colours allowing players to feel comfortable and right at home...feeling no need to leave for the next few hours.

The same goes for casino sounds - ever walked into one that’s quiet? From the get-go there’s an orchestra of different sounds from sirens to bells ringing, slot wheels spinning and gamblers roaring.

Sounds are there too to keep players excited, as well as ensuring you stay wide awake, ready to anticipate a win at any time. As humans, we’re sensory people and casinos cleverly use these techniques to create the idea of constant fun and winning big all the time, even if that’s not the case.

Almost winning

Casino games are designed to make the player feel as if they are winning, even when they are losing, that’s the name of the gambling game after all, isn’t it?

We can’t blame them for trying, but you can be aware of how casinos try to lure you in by tricking you into thinking you’re just about to win, just one more play…

Using a ‘near-win’ tactic, a system is created where you say, hit two out three symbols twice in a row, manipulating your mind into thinking the next round is the winning one, and so you continue to play. Even more so, each time you don’t win you’re now so adamant on winning that you carry on anyway.

If they can’t catch you via this loop hole, casinos also employ other strategies. Take a moment to think of all of the welcomed, complimentary bonuses you receive throughout a night, these are simply there to make you feel as if you are gaining something, or winning, even if you’re not, you’re just under their illusion.


Whenever you’re in a physical casino, without a doubt you always hear people winning jackpots and taking home the Big Prize. This helps create the impression that just like others, you can and will too, but it’s not always fact. 

Here’s where the majority gets caught up and mistaken: oftentimes it’s not necessarily the games that are easy to win or that your chances are higher at winning the jackpot. The casino merely gives off this impression because there are so many people within it, and so your chances aren’t usually as high as you pre-empt them to be.

Just remember the next time you’re in a casino, that every win is celebrated within its walls, no matter how big or small, so don’t believe every player is walking away with real millions.

Casinos are all fun and games until you leave with no pennies, so it pays to be aware of some of the strategies they use to keep you coming back for more, or never leaving for that matter.

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