INFRARED Release Video For “No Master, No Gods”

October 19, 2021, a month ago

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INFRARED Release Video For “No Master, No Gods”

Canadian thrash act Infrared has a new video out for their track “No Master, No Gods”, which comes from their recently released album From the Black Swamp. Birthed back in 1986, their music is an experience that brings the listener back in time to the ‘80s, but with an ever so slight hint of modern metal bolstered by solid, high-quality production.

Infrared starts with a riff, from which the rest of the music spawns. The songs may have an energy that conveys a certain feeling which can lead to a lyrical topic or sometimes they just come up with a cool song title and then write lyrics to go with it. They share their thoughts on the energetic and fast “No Master, No Gods”.

“With blistering drums and riffs coupled with mid-tempo verses and slow grinding choruses, No Masters, No Gods is about the power of truth. When you have it, you will bow to no one; not to gods, profits, leaders, or even people in your interpersonal life.”

The songs on the album are a collaborative effort between the band members, it was produced, mixed and mastered by Kamal and the album artwork was done by Nate MacDonald. Infrared has shared the stage with bands such as Anvil, Sacrifice, Razor, and Venom Inc., and looks forward to supporting this album with a tour as soon as possible.

Staying true to their roots, this album is for those who like the ‘80s Bay area sound mixed with classic metal influences such as Maiden, Priest and Sabbath.

Order the album on Bandcamp.


“Tribal Junction”
“No Master, No Gods”
“Left Lane F√₵K”
“From The Black Swamp”
“Evil Ascent”
“Blood & Sweat”
“Eternal Exile”
“Beautiful Death”

(Photo by: Carissa Broeren)

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