JOE SATRIANI Shares The Elephants Of Mars Track By Track #8: "E 104th St NYC 1973"; Video

June 13, 2022, 2 weeks ago

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JOE SATRIANI Shares The Elephants Of Mars Track By Track #8: "E 104th St NYC 1973"; Video

World-renowned guitar virtuoso, Joe Satriani, recently released his new album, The Elephants Of Mars, via earMusic. Watch a new track by track video below.

A message states: "A particular street address close to Joe's heart, 'E 104th St NYC 1973' is inspired by the place where Joe's father grew up and the memories of New York in the 70s. The band had a great time working with Kenny's throwback 12/8 shuffle groove and putting together a killer tune. Plus, Rai reveals that he got to use the Rhodes he’s had since he was 12 on this track, making it even more special!"

"You get into the groove and it just doesn't let go until the very end."

The Elephants Of Mars is available as a special limited digi-pack CD release featuring seven double sided cards of original artwork by Satriani representing each song from the album. In addition, several coloured vinyl options will be available as well to pre-order including an orange, pink (D2C only) and purple version.

Order here.


- CD Jewel case
- Ltd. CD Digi sleeve (incl.14 images created by the artist himself)
- 2LP Gatefold
- Ltd. 2LP Gatefold Orange
- Ltd. 2LP Gatefold Purple
- Ltd. 2LP Gatefold Pink
- Digital


"The Elephants Of Mars"                   
"Blue Foot Groovy "                         
"Tension and Release"                      
"Sailing The Seas Of Ganymede"  
"Doors Of Perception  "                      
"E 104th St NYC"
"Dance Of The Spores"
"Night Scene"
"Through A Mother’s Day Darkly"
"22 Memory Lane"

"The Elephants Of Mars" video:

"Pumpin'" visualizer:

"Faceless" visualizer:

"Sahara" video:

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