JUDAS PRIEST Guitarist K.K Downing - "The Tour With AC/DC Was One Of My Most Cherished Memories"

June 11, 2007, 16 years ago

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JUDAS PRIEST guitarist K.K Downing conducted a Q&A; session at his website recently. A couple of excerpts follow:

Q: I was wondering who makes your guy's leather jackets and pants, and does he have like a website or something I could look at because I really want some of that gear. If you were a Priest song then what song would it be? Do you know were I could get either a K.K. Hamer model or if Glenn (Tipton) has a model out?

Downing: "The guy who makes not just our stuff but many bands is called Ray Brown and he lives in L.A. For more info you can contact Jayne Andrews at Trinifold Management in London. I think you could put me down as 'Sinner'. I am not sure if you could get a new Hamer but I know at one time Hamer did make K.K. Vector VS and also an SG GT guitar for Glenn so maybe a second hand one might be an option. Other than that Hamer has a custom shop so they can make what you want."

Q: We all know that you and the guys were on tour with AC/DC back in 1979 during the Highway To Hell European tour. My question to you is how it was to be on tour with Angus and Co and especially with the late legendary Bon Scott. Any memories about him? Does any photos exist with Priest and AC/DC together?

Downing: "The tour you mentioned with AC/DC was one of my most cherished memories. The guys were great to us, they even let us ride with them on long journeys as they had a huge bus and we only had a small van. Bon was a total gentleman his dedication to his fans was second to none. Unfortunately I am not aware of any photos but maybe if someone who reads this has any, please would they let me and the other fans see them as we would be very grateful!"

Q: Will the new album be like British Steel, Painkiller or Angel of Retribution? How many years have you played guitar? I want to learn some techniques if you can help.

Downing: "The new Priest album is still evolving but I don’t think it can be compared to any one particular Priest album. Hopefully it will have all of the usual Priest ingredients and a whole lot more. I have been playing since I was 16. It is hard to give you technical advice not knowing what standard you play but always practice scales, start with major and minor pentatonic, then major and natural minor, then the cool stuff, diminished, harmonic minor, whole tone half tone, that should keep you busy for a while."

You can read more of the Ask K.K. Downing Q&A; here (under Questions - June 2007).

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