KEITH ST JOHN Parts Ways With KINGDOM COME - "Since JAMES KOTTAK's Recent Passing My Head's Been In A Tailspin"

February 12, 2024, 5 months ago

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KEITH ST JOHN Parts Ways With KINGDOM COME - "Since JAMES KOTTAK's Recent Passing My Head's Been In A Tailspin"

Kingdom Come singer, Keith St John, has announced his departure from the band after five years. The band's Facebook page was updated with the following message:

Keith St John, lead singer and an integral member of the nationally acclaimed touring rock band Kingdom Come, has stepped down from his role as front man for the reformed Kingdom Come that was rebuilt in 2018 by original Kingdom Come and former Scorpions drummer, James Kottak, who has recently passed.

Of the recent parting of ways, Keith St John said, "I really loved every single moment on stage working with James and the guys for the last 5 years. I am so grateful for every time we took the stage together and created that pure magic that truly touched the stars. I want to say thank you to all the new fans and especially the older deep fans that accepted me and
took me in!"

St John added, "I brought my A-game to help James with his vision of getting Kingdom Come restarted and I can say I did my very best for the brand. But, since James's recent passing my head's been in a tailspin as we'd been friends for around 30 years and there was nothing more anyone could have done to help him to save himself. It's been such a tragic loss for all
who he once touched with his super human talents. I will always miss him dearly."

St John concludes, "I was still pretty out of it and traveling the road when regrettably some recent communications hit me that made it obvious that it was time for the band and me to simply go our separate ways. Danny Stag, JB Frank, and Rick Steier are truly timeless forces in the world of rock and roll and I hold those three gentlemen in the highest regards. We definitely played some of the most amazing kick ass shows together. To my brothers in the Kingdom Come band that are carrying on with it, I wish for them the very best! To all those who are reading this, I will see you down the road apiece…..and again, thanks to our fans that supported us on this journey."

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