KISS - "Drink It Up By KISS" Spirits Portfolio Makes US Debut

November 15, 2021, 2 years ago

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KISS - "Drink It Up By KISS" Spirits Portfolio Makes US Debut

KISS debuts their award-winning spirits portfolio, Drink It Up By KISS, in the US. After selling over 100,000 bottles across Europe, Japan and Australia, the master-blended portfolio of premium gin and rum will be available across 25 states. This liquor portfolio with its unparalleled craftsmanship and exceptionally smooth taste, was created by fans, for fans. Drink It Up By KISS is a collaboration between the legendary band, their licensing agent, Epic Rights, and the award-winning spirits producer Brands for Fans.

The band rocks the market with their Premium Distilled Cold Gin, Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum, Detroit Rock Premium Dark Rum, and new limited-edition Monstrum Ultra Premium Dark Rum, ranging from $33.99-$159.99. Living up to the band's killer reputation, the Drink It Up By KISS portfolio is bold and pronounced. Inspired by KISStory, each product offers an incomparable experience. Drink It Up By KISS isn't just exceptionally tasty, it is incredibly eye-catching as well. The Drink It Up By KISS bottles will stand out on any shelf or bar cart, a fan favorite for any KISS Army member! KISS Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum and KISS Detroit Rock Premium Dark Rum are now on sale at KISS Monstrum Ultra Premium Dark Rum and KISS Premium Distilled Cold Gin will be available soon for purchase.

KISS founding member, Paul Stanley, comments: "From Monstrum to Cold Gin, we wanted each spirit in the portfolio to reflect the energy of our band. We didn't just slap a label on and call it a day, we're proud to say that each bottle in the Drink It Up By KISS portfolio was carefully curated and each unique spirit has earned its name."

Each spirit for Drink It Up By KISS was created by a globally recognized, in-house master blender who developed an award-winning product line with a distinct taste profile. Whether you're a Starchild, Demon, Spaceman, or Catman; there's something to make everyone feel like a rockstar.

- KISS Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum: KISS Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum has a marked oak-character, thanks to the rum's 15 year barrel ageing process, leading to a slightly spicy finish. The product has been awarded six global accolades for quality and design

- KISS Detroit Rock Premium Dark Rum: For something a little stronger and more complex, there's the KISS Detroit Rock Premium Dark Rum. This pays homage to the hit song Detroit Rock City and is bottled at 45% volume with a clear barrel finish, for a sophisticated and full-bodied taste. The rum has received eight internationally recognized awards for quality and design.

- KISS Monstrum Ultra Premium Dark Rum: Named after the Latin word for 'monster,' the KISS Monstrum Ultra Premium Dark Rum lives up to its title as a monstrously exceptional rum. It's the newest and boldest addition to the portfolio that's not to be missed. The high-end and specially selected rum is barrel aged over 14 years. KISS Monstrum Ultra Premium Dark Rum has a well-balanced finish that highlights the uniquely crafted blend which has no added sugar or flavorings.

- KISS Premium Distilled Cold Gin: In tribute to the iconic 1974 KISS song and the band's hometown of New York City, there's the KISS Premium Distilled Cold Gin. With classic gin tones like juniper, citrus, and herbs coming through on the palate, a product of the five-time distillation process, it's a must-have for KISS and gin fans alike.

Brands For Fans is a fast-growing Swedish company operating in a global market, a leader in production, marketing and sales of beverages produced by and together with artists. Through close collaboration with bands, artists and celebrities such as KISS, Motörhead, Judas Priest and Ozzy Osborne, beverages are launched for the fans in the form of 'liquid merchandise'. Through creating a successful business for both artists and beverage producers, Brands For Fans has the opportunity to reach both the rock audience and beverage connoisseurs by working creatively with product releases and credible communication.

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