KISS’ Gene Simmons Auctioning Off His Unique Collection

July 16, 2023, 9 months ago

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KISS’ Gene Simmons Auctioning Off His Unique Collection

Gene Simmons has spent the last 50-plus years amassing a legendary collection of KISS memorabilia and priceless items unique to Gene!

Fans can now check out Gene's collection (as seen on GS Family Jewels in his former Beverly Hills home) at The KISS World venue in Las Vegas. Gene decided it was time for fans worldwide to be able to view 3000-plus square feet of his previously private KISS collection.

But, when one's been collecting everything related to himself and his rock band, KISS, for five-plus decades, it tends to take up enough space to fill a football field! Now, Gene is passing these personally sentimental items on to the fans, as they are the ones who cherish them as much as Gene.

We'll be listing a dozen or so items up for auction every week. You'll find rare, one-of-a-kind pieces that only Gene himself or a co-founder of the legendary rock group KISS would own to fun items that every KISS fan will adore. This will be an ever-evolving and long-ongoing project!

Some items will be hand signed, and every item will include a signed certificate of authenticity (COA), or a gold embossed Gene Simmons COA sticker, stating the item belonged to Gene Simmons.

And for those interested in Gene's Stage-Played Basses for the LAST 2 KISS, EOTR Shows at Madison Sq. Garden, New York - is the place to bid on them!

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