KISS’ PAUL STANLEY - “The More Famous I Became, The More Drugs Became Currency”

January 18, 2024, a month ago

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KISS’ PAUL STANLEY - “The More Famous I Became, The More Drugs Became Currency”

In an extensive interview with Forbes, KISS legend Paul Stanley talks about the band’s final tour, performing, acting, songwriting, painting. Everything. His first art show of 2024 opens at the Wentworth Gallery, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, in Hollywood, Florida on February 23rd.

When asked about the rock n’ roll lifestyle, he didn’t mince words.

“No, it was sex, drugs and rock n roll, and you keep the drugs (laughs). I made a decision early on, judging by what I saw around me, and what I saw in the media, that drugs, if they didn’t kill you, would kill your spirit and creativity. Who with a healthy mind would want that? The more famous I became, the more drugs became currency. People get backstage with them, that’s how they become your friends. At that point, for me it’s like, “Just bring your girlfriends” [laughs].”

Forbes will be rolling out more excerpts from the interview with Paul Stanley in the coming days.

Wentworth Gallery is presenting the latest collection of works from legendary musician and fine artist, Paul Stanley, reports The Music Universe.

Stanley has created new original paintings, hand-painted signature Paul Stanley Ibanez guitars, mixed media originals, and limited-edition artworks including new metal works.

These special events with the artist will take place at the Wentworth Gallery on February 23 at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood and the following day, February 24, at the Boca Raton Town Center Mall location.

“I don’t really have a style other than what connects all of my pieces - which is vibrant color. Because, to me, color is the representation of life. I view my life, on its worst day, as a miracle. I think life is amazing. And I represent it with color,” says Stanley.

Learn more and view some of Paul's artwork here.

(Photo - Wentworth Gallery)

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