KISS Tour Promoter Arrested On Drug Related Charges

September 10, 2015, 8 years ago

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KISS Tour Promoter Arrested On Drug Related Charges

Australian promoter Andrew McManus has been arrested on drug related charges for allegedly importing 300 kilograms of cocaine and for money laundering, reports Paul Cashmere of Noise 11.

McManus is the promoter for the upcoming KISS tour in Australia, due to start in Perth on October 3rd, via his current operation One World Entertainment, who is also behind Def Leppard's forthcoming Australian tour.

According to The Age, McManus was arrested at a Melbourne airport overnight after an internal investigation started by the discovery of $700,000 in cash at a Sydney hotel in 2011.

McManus admitted to the cash in court that he claimed was from a recent Lenny Kravitz tour, and was, according to McManus, being used to fund the advance for a ZZ Top tour.

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