L.A. GUNS' Tracii Guns - "Steve Riley Stole $157,000 Dollars From Me"

August 10, 2008, 15 years ago

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On Saturday night's edition of The Classic Metal Show, guitarist Tracii Guns of L.A. GUNS called in from the road to talk about his version of LA Guns and their new singer, vocalist Marty Casey (of Rockster INXS fame). During the course of the conversation, Guns made some startling accusations regarding "the other" L.A. Guns members Steve Riley (drums) and Phil Lewis (vocals). Here's an excerpt from the conversation.

The Classic Metal Show: People are talking about the fact that there are two version of L.A. Guns out there. The "other" camp has said some negative things about you being out there. Maybe it's best to set the record straight with you as to why you are doing it and calling it L.A. Guns, and why it's OK to do. They say some pretty harsh things the other way.

Guns: "That's because they're jealous and bitter. I'll definitely go to their funerals."

The Classic Metal Show: One thing I wanted to address with you Tracii is the whole "two band syndrome". What is it about the 80s where the legal stuff not pinpointed enough to where you guys are ending up with these kind of dramas; you know, multiple bands out there with the same name and slagging each other over the same name. What was it that didn't go right to

where this is happening now?

Guns: "Steve Riley stole $157,000 dollars from me, and Phil Lewis is a piece of shit. So there you go. You wanted the answer, well, there it is."

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