Late THIN LIZZY Frontman PHIL LYNOTT's Statue In Need Of Repair After Being Damaged By Fans' Tributes

October 3, 2023, 4 months ago

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Late THIN LIZZY Frontman PHIL LYNOTT's Statue In Need Of Repair After Being Damaged By Fans' Tributes

The statue of Phil Lynott in Dublin city centre has survived being knocked over by vandals and accidentally bashed by a motorist – but now it is being damaged by enthusiastic fans leaving tributes.

Dublin City Council told The Journal it has had to arrange repairs on the statue of the Thin Lizzy frontman because visitors wedging plectrums underneath the strings of its bass guitar were causing “unintentional” damage. It’s not clear how the practice started at the statue, which was unveiled on Harry Street, off Grafton Street, in 2005.

The council said a “foundry is going to strengthen the welds” at a cost of €1,875. “A regime of regular removal of plectrums will be introduced to protect the sculpture from damage,” the council said.

The work on the statue will be done on site.

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The Button Factory, The Rock N Roll Museum, and The Rock Radio Station recently announced a new platform, The Dedication - Remembering Phil, to continue the work Smiley Bolger and his team have done keeping the flame alive to acknowledge and celebrate the life and work of Phil Lynott.

A two-day show will take place at The Button Factory in Temple Bar starting on January 3, 2024.

The night will be hosted by Thin Lizzy enthusiast and broadcaster, Roddie Cleere, and will be jam-packed with amazing Irish and international bands, movies, photo exhibitions, and music awards.

Kicking off the action on both nights will be the movie “A Vibe And Dangerous” which will be a fantastic moment to reflect on the legacy set up by Smiley Bolger and his amazing team plus the “Phil Lynott Award” which recognizes the achievement and dedication by industry professionals.

Both nights will have the world’s leading tribute bands performing including The Dedication, Twin Lizzy, and Rude Awakening with the headline act on the 4th Ex Thin Lizzy backbone the one and only Brian Downey's Alive And Dangerous.

A special treat for all Thin Lizzy fans will be the world’s first performance by ex-Thin Lizzy keyboard maestro, Dare frontman Darren Wharton, and his new outfit, Renegade.

Darren will be on vocals and keys bringing a whole new selection of Thin Lizzy hits to the show. Original Thin Lizzy guitarist Mr. Eric Bell will be performing as the show's “Special Guest" creating an amazing moment for all fans.

Paddy Dunning from The Button Factory went on to say, “The Vibe is a globally recognized institution and stands as a testament to the commitment over the decades from Smiley Bolger and his team including Fran Quigley, Pat McGuire, and Cornel Mc Cabe. It is an absolute honor to continue keeping the flame lit to celebrate the incredible songs Phil and Thin Lizzy left us to enjoy. Our team from The Button Factory, The Rock n Roll Museum, and The Rock radio station are committed to delivering amazing shows, supporting established and emerging Thin Lizzy tribute bands, and continuing the legacy set up by The Vibe bringing the Thin Lizzy family together from around Ireland and the world.”

To celebrate the new chapter fans attending the show on the 4th will be given a free T-shirt and collector’s item laminated pass. Fans can avail of a discount on accommodation at The Arlington Hotel. PHILBB

Tickets are available here.

(Photo - Valerie Flynn/The Journal)

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