LEE AARON Guitarist SEAN KELLY Talks Guesting On New GILBY CLARKE Album - "One Of The Great Honours Of My Life"

April 10, 2021, 4 weeks ago

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LEE AARON Guitarist SEAN KELLY Talks Guesting On New GILBY CLARKE Album - "One Of The Great Honours Of My Life"

Lee Aaron guitarist / Crash Kelly frontman Sean Kelly has checked in with the following update:

"When Pawnshop Guitars came out in '94, my faith in rock n roll as I knew and loved it was restored, so I'm very excited for the release of Gilby Clarke's new album, The Gospel Truth (it's an absolute killer!). I'm thrilled to be on the record alongside my buddy Dave Langguth, playing bass on the song 'Rusted N Busted'. We're in some pretty wonderful company alongside Nikki Sixx, Stephen Perkins, Kenny Aronoff and other great musicians. This record has more hooks than a tacklebox, you're gonna wanna grab it when it hits the streets!  Playing in Gilby's band was one of the great honours of my life, and I've learned as much from him as I have from anybody. Cheers pal!"

On April 23, Gilby Clarke will unleash his first new solo music in nearly two decades via Golden Robot Records. Gilby’s new album, The Gospel Truth, is full of fist-pumping rock ‘n’ roll songs with fat choruses, bluesy licks and trademark solos. It’s classic rock, a new version of what Gilby likes to do and that’s… LOUD GUITARS!  

The album features legendary Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx, as well as drumming from John Mellencamp and Chickenfoot sticksman Kenny Aronoff and Stephen Perkins from Jane’s Addiction, Porno For Pyro & Infectious Grooves.

The album has already spawned three singles in "Rock n’ Roll Is Getting Louder" (a pure rock n’ roll track doused in the influences that run through Gilby’s veins), "Tightwad" (featuring Nikki Sixx), and the title track, which is a song about the concept of truth today.

Gilby Clarke has played in both Guns N’ Roses and The MC5. Who else can claim membership in two of the most life-altering and influential rock ’n’ roll outfits to ever exist on the planet? But none of that overshadows the fact this guitarist, singer and songwriter was a 17-year-old punk from Cleveland whose Hollywood dues were paid in full. Before joining the Guns N’ Roses circus, Gilby was Kim Fowley’s go-to session guitarist and ghost writer. After playing with Hollywood bands Candy and Kill For Thrills, a late-night call from Slash changed everything. Gilby joined Guns in ’91. He appeared on the band’s Spaghetti Incident, Live Era ’88-’91 and The Greatest Hits albums. Gilby spent years on the Use Your Illusion tour in the 90s.

After Guns imploded, armed only with his Les Paul, Gilby went back and launched his solo career, receiving critical winks for his albums Pawnshop Guitars, The Hangover, Rubber, 99 Live and Swag. Recording and/or touring over the lean years with Nancy Sinatra, Heart, The MC5 & his old bandmate Slash’s Snakepit, Gilby even snuck in videos with GNR, Michael Jackson and Fall Out Boy when MTV was de rigeur.

Clarke currently splits his services with Kings Of Chaos led by Matt Sorum and an all-star alumni that has featured Steven Tyler, Joe Elliot and Gene Simmons and his solo band.

Clarke, who’s an old school mash-up of Keef, Johnny Thunders, and B.B. King, continues to write fist-jacking rock ’n’ roll songs with fat choruses, and appear on stages around the globe. He produces worthy bands too. He’s also one of the sweetest gents you’ll ever meet. He’s a guitar hero, certainly, but also a gentleman whose heart happens to rush at rock ’n’ roll speed.

Pre-order The Gospel Truth here.


"The Gospel Truth"
"Tightwad" (feat. Nikki Sixx & Stephen Perkins)
"Rock n' Roll Is Getting Louder"
"Wise Old Timer"
"The Ending"
"Dangerous Sin"
"Rusted N Busted"
"She Won't Fight Fair"

"Rock n' Roll Is Getting Louder" video:


"The Gospel Truth":

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