LIMBONIC ART Streaming New Single "The Wrath Of Storms"

June 6, 2024, a month ago

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LIMBONIC ART Streaming New Single "The Wrath Of Storms"

Limbonic Art have released the third and final advance single, "The Wrath Of Storms", taken from the forthcoming album, Opus Daemoniacal. The new full-length from the Norwegian black metal legends is chalked up for release on June 28.

"The track 'The Wrath Of Storms' unleashes a relentless metal onslaught of dark negative energies", mastermind Vidar "Daemon" Jensen explains. "As nature's destructive fury rages across the planet and lays the domains of feeble entities and deities to waste, this track relates a profound tale of horror through the eyes of the beholder."

Opus Daemoniacal is black as a raven, fierce as a wolf, majestic as an eagle, and mighty as the legendary Norwegian black metal pioneers that mastermind, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Vidar "Daemon" Jensen founded in 1993 have always been.

Opus Daemoniacal continues along the more straightforward black metal path that the Norwegian has chosen for his last releases yet this album also deliberately harks back to the dense atmospheric and cinematic feel of Limbonic Art's groundbreaking early works.

Limbonic Art released their debut album, Moon In The Scorpio, in 1996 via Nocturnal Art Productions, the label of Emperor guitarist Samoth, aka Tomas Thormodsæter Haugen, after the band's early tapes had captured his ear. Their at the time quite unique combination of harsh Nordic black metal with cinematic elements inspired by romantic and classic orchestral music proved extremely influential in the following years.

A duo at the time, Limbonic Art had considerable success in the black metal underground. Despite their growing reputation the Norwegians began to reduce symphonic elements. This development is already audible on the sophomore full-length, In Abhorrence Dementia (1997), which is still considered a classic recording of the band as well as the third album, Epitome Of Illusions (1998), that contained new recordings of overhauled demo material.

Limbonic Art have always been an elusive creation that rarely appeared live, for example with a stunning performance at the Black Whitsun sub-festival of the doomed millennium year edition of the Wave Gotik Treffen (2000) in Leipzig, Germany. In the new century, Daemon also joined Samoth's band Zyklon for a while, but in February 2003, Limbonic Art officially broke up.

However, Daemon reformed the band in 2006. He continued on his own to release the albums Phantasmagoria (2010) and Spectre Abysm (2017) under the name Limbonic Art. Opus Daemoniacal ends another extended period of silence. With this strong album the Norwegian cult act is bound to appeal to friends of their early material as well as a new generation of classic Norse black metal connoisseurs.

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"The Wrath Of Storms"
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"Consigned To The Flames" visualizer:

"Ad Astra et Abyssos" video:

(Photo - Sean Fulton)

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