LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT And SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA Release New Single "Remember To Breathe" Via Patreon; Teaser Available

June 15, 2022, a year ago

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 LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT And SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA Release New Single "Remember To Breathe" Via Patreon; Teaser Available

Former Cradle Of Filth backing vocalist / keyboardist turnes solo artist Lindsay Schoolctaft has checked in with the following update:

"Here is a brief clip of 'Remember To Breathe' featuring Sarah Jezebel Deva that’s now available on my Patreon. All the behind the scenes and 'how it’s made' videos and demos are posted there, too! Plus a ton other new and rare songs for you to listen to and download. 

Big thank you again to the team involved in making this possible. Wanna find out who else played on it? Head here."

Sarah adds: "So...we did another track! And the ONLY way you are gonna hear it is signing up to Lindsay's Patreon! This track also features a VERY special guest. Give you a few clues: he  has fingers, a keyboard, in fact he is one of the best keyboard players / composers ever who has been absent for far too long. Norwegian. Left one of the biggest bands and best bands on the planet...."

Sarah Jezebel Deva and Lindsay Schoolcraft teamed up in 2021 for a single, "Stolen Light".

Lindsay on "Stolen Light": "This song is about taking back your power after enduring a long and grueling abusive relationship. Often verbal and emotional abuse is overlooked compared to physical violence, but the after effects have proven to be equally as fatal in the long run. Sarah and I bonded over our shared struggles we've faced in the music industry and this song is an ode to our perseverance, strength, and triumph in taking back our careers and love of singing and creating music.

This track could have not been possible without the mega talents of Tyler Williams at Monolithic Productions and orchestrator Spencer Creaghan. Thank you always for putting up with me and my crazy-ambitious projects.

And last but not least, to Sarah. For being a fighter, a champion, a legend, and an all around awesome person and brilliant artist. You praise me too much for your return, but I haven’t thanked you enough for being such a pivotal influence on me and a singer and musician. From a distance your voice has pulled me through some darker days and now your friendship has changed me for the better. Thank you for inspiring 'Stolen Light' and for all that you have given us through your voice, lyrics, and performances."

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