Listenable Records Sign GOJIRA

December 6, 2004, 17 years ago

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Listenable Records have inked a deal with France’s GOJIRA ( The following is a message Listenable posted at their official website (

Gojira are a mastodon of a band (no pun intended). With two albums under their belt, they're already drawing a massive following to their shows in France. Their inhuman blend of a somewhat insane MESHUGGAH and a slimy MORBID ANGEL is such a blood curdling experience... and yet any comparison with current artists may be irrelevant as they treat the listener in such a unique and merciless manner, reaching new heights of musical and emotional intensity.

The band will re-release their latest album, The Link, with an additional bonus DVD in spring 2005. Their full length DVD, The Link Alive, will follow before summer, 2005.

A new full length album will be released in September, 2005.

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