LITA FORD Looks Back On THE RUNAWAYS Break-Up - "We Weren't A Team; We Were Going In Different Musical Directions"

September 24, 2017, 6 years ago

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LITA FORD Looks Back On THE RUNAWAYS Break-Up - "We Weren't A Team; We Were Going In Different Musical Directions"

Lita Ford, solo artist and former member of The Runaways, is featured in a new interview with Guitars Exchange. Following is an excerpt from the discussion:

Q: What inspired you to write an autobiography among everything else?   

Lita: "I have always loved writing music but when Guitar player magazine and Marshall amplification dubbed me the 'first lady of rock guitar', I thought ‘I've got to write a book, I've got to put it out there’, because I went through things and I had to do things as a woman in a man's world that no other female really did before.  There were artists out there before me like Suzi Quatro and Fanny , but I don't think they were anything like the Runaways, with such good stories to tell.  I wrote it without any assistance and it took forever, but I am very proud of it."

Q: What do you mean by "You went through things a man doesn´t have to"?   

Lita: "Well it is a battle trying to get people to listen to you - men especially. I know what my guitar is supposed to sound like, I know my tools, I know my game, I know my volumes for the room, but then some guy comes along and says: 'No, you need to do this' and it is those words that really get me  When I hear those words come out - that's it, you are done! Yes I do know what I need, if you don´t understand then you are the wrong person for my team.  I've got a great team now, and they never ask me that question."

Q: Looking back now to the Runaways period, do you have any new perspective on why the band broke up?   

Lita: "We weren't happy with what we were doing.  We weren't a team. Joan (Jett) and Cherie (Currie) were very much a team and Joan and I tried but we really didn't click musically. I wanted to play heavy metal and Joan wanted to play - well, her first hit was 'I love Rock n Roll', which was very pop rock and it took off and did great; whereas I released 'Out for Blood'. We were going in different musical directions."  

Read the complete interview here.

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