LITTLE CAESAR / THE DOGS Guitarist LOREN MOLINARE Looks Back On Gigging With KISS In 1973 - "It Was An Eye-Opening Experience To Realize That People In New York Say What They Mean" (Video)

November 22, 2023, 3 months ago

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LITTLE CAESAR / THE DOGS Guitarist LOREN MOLINARE Looks Back On Gigging With KISS In 1973 - "It Was An Eye-Opening Experience To Realize That People In New York Say What They Mean" (Video)

In a new video interview with music journalist Joel Gausten, veteran musician Loren Molinare (Little Caesar, The Dogs, Cruzados, The Pagans, Slamdinistas) talks about sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in rock history (including Van Halen, AC/DC, and Quiet Riot with Randy Rhoads), his early experiences with members of KISS, having Sid Vicious on stage at one of his shows, being produced by Bob Rock, becoming a cult hero in Japan, and much more.

As a member of The Dogs, Molinare opened for KISS at The Coventry in Queens, NY, in 1973. He recalls the event in the following excerpt from the video interview:

 "You have a bunch of naïve kids from Michigan hit Manhattan. The first day we’re in town, we see KISS posters all over Manhattan – 'KISS at the Diplomat Hotel,' which was the show that (manager) Bill Aucoin signed them. We have the brilliant idea of, 'Maybe we can go play this.' So we found the Diplomat in midtown Manhattan. I went up and found out that KISS was putting the show on. I talked to Paul Stanley; I just said, 'Hey, my name’s Loren, from The Dogs. We just got into New York. Can we play tonight?' He was like, 'Hey, man, this is fuckin’ New York. You can’t just come here and think you’re gonna play on a KISS show!' It was an eye-opening experience to realize that people in New York say what they mean; they don’t fuck around or beat around the bush. He said, 'But if you get a gig, we’ll come see you—and if we think you’re good enough, maybe you can play with KISS.' So we got an opening weekday slot at The Coventry, and they came to see us—Gene and Paul. They said, 'Okay, you can play with KISS here on a Saturday night IF you go to Amityville and go pick up our gear from where we played last weekend and take it to our rehearsal studio.'" 

"We were overjoyed to go to Amityville. We picked them up at Prospect Park—Ace, Paul, and Gene—and they told us how to get to Amityville. We took them there, and one of their groupies or friends of the band had Polaroid pictures of KISS. That night at The Diplomat, we left after they said we couldn’t play. Paul or Gene (took the photos and] said, ‘Look at KISS!’ I saw the kabuki makeup and I went, ‘Holy shit!’ … We played with them that Saturday night. Gene Simmons was great … He said [to me], ‘Listen. This is glitter / glam rock. Shave that fucking beard, because The Grateful Dead are DEAD!' Once again, these guys in New York are harsh, but they tell you like it is." 

KISS are set to play the final date on "The End Of The Road" tour on December 2 at New York City's famed Madison Square Garden.

A message from KISS: "We are celebrating our Final live shows ever, taking place at Madison Square Garden December 1st and 2nd at 7:30pm ET, with an epic NYC takeover! To celebrate this historic moment, various takeover activations and experiential events are scheduled across a 5-day period. In partnership with Bravado, Universal Music Group’s industry-leading merchandise and brand management company, we have carefully curated and developed these events to pay tribute to our deep legacy and history with New York City.

“We’re thrilled to be performing our final shows at MSG since the band originated in New York City over 50 years ago. We are thankful for our long legacy of fans, the KISS Army, and excited to be celebrating through these activations."

“I’ve been a fan of KISS since I was 7 years old, and our team has enjoyed being a part of the KISS Franchise for the last 10 years,” said Matt Young, President, Bravado. “Bravado is honored to commemorate this extraordinary moment in the band’s legendary career by partnering with them to execute this massive NYC Takeover.”

The takeover will kick off on November 29 with the following activations:

- KISSTORE POP-UP (11/30-12/3) – This immersive KISS experience which will feature memorabilia, apparel, accessories and collectible items from partnerships with Ed Hardy, Oxford Pennant, Trick or Treat Studios, Funko and exclusive KISS popup store merchandise. Located blocks away from MSG at 248 West 37th Street, New York, NY 10018.

- KISS NYC Takeover Google Map – An immersive Interactive map, built in partnership with Google Maps Platform, will let fans easily locate the KISS activation spots pinned throughout the city. See here.

- KISS Metro Cards – Penn Station and Herald Square Station will have 50,000 limited-edition KISS branded metro cards available for purchase starting Monday, 11/27.

- New York Rangers ‘KISS’ Game Night at MSG (11/29 @ 7:30pm ET) – The Rangers match-up against the Detroit Red Wings will feature special KISS-themed activities and limited-edition KISS x Rangers merchandise.

- New York Post Activation (11/29-12/1) – Find the KISS branded trikes and brand ambassadors passing out commemorative newspaper wraps and custom KISS cookies.

- Penn Station Digital Ads (11/30-12/2) – KISS’s branded digital adverts will run throughout the area.

- KISS Taxi Fleet (11/30) – One of a kind KISS wrapped taxis will be driving throughout the city.

- Taxis Digital Ads – 800+ taxis will feature KISS digital tops and special KISS TTV content.  

- Peloton – KISS is Peloton’s newest Artist Series with classes on the Bike, Tread, Row and App dropping on the Peloton platform November 30th.  

- Prince Street Pizza – KISS-themed pizza & collectible KISS pizza box available with all orders of KISS pizza.

- Inked NYC (12/1-12/2) – Complimentary KISS flash tattoos will be available from 11am – 7pm and face painting from 1pm – 5pm at Inked NYC, located at 150 W. 22nd St.

- RIPNDIP – Exclusive KISS x RIPNDIP merchandise will be available for purchase at the RIPNDIP NYC store at 620 Broadway beginning 11/29.

KISS previously announced that their Madison Square Garden show will be streaming on Pay-Per-View, exclusively on

Event Description: KISS Live! America’s greatest rock band ends their legendary 50-year run with one FINAL epic concert! Your last chance ever to see these Gods of Rock - LIVE from Madison Square Garden on December 2 at 8 PM, ET.

Place your order, and get further details, at Watch a video trailer below:

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