LIVLØS Release And Then There Were None Track-By-Track Video, Part 1

September 16, 2021, 4 weeks ago

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LIVLØS Release And Then There Were None Track-By-Track Video, Part 1

Danish death metal phenomenon, Livløs, will release their new full-length album, And Then There Were None, out October 22 via Napalm Records. The album shines as an ambitious, grandiose and intense work of metal, and a thematic deep dive into life and death on numerous levels.

Join guitarist Franz Aleksander Posch and vocalist Niklas Lykke as they go through the writing process, themes and lyrics of the title track, "And Then There Were None":

On their new album, And Then There Were None, Livløs are audibly on top of their game: scrupulously ripping through nine tight, hard-lined tracks, the band takes no shortcuts while still maintaining a dynamic songwriting style that keeps listeners on their toes throughout the album’s runtime. Album opener and title track “And Then There Were None” sets the pace with punishing vocals and raging death metal riffs, leading into dramatic choruses and guitar solos that display Livløs‘ incredibly multi-faceted talent right off the bat. Only very rarely will the band give listeners time to breathe, like on acoustic intermission “Kistefjael” or the slowed-down, stomping “The Purest Black”, which ends the album experience of And Then There Were None in a triumphant, epic manner. Songs like “Seize The Night” are impressive depictions of singer Niklas Lykke’s broad vocal range, reaching from deep and guttural to high-pitched and ear-piercing sections.

Excellently mixed by Jacob Bredahl (ex-Hatesphere) and mastered by Brad Boatright (known for his work with Obituary, Nails and Torche among others), And Then There Were None is an exceptional display of Livløs‘ confident, modern approach to melodic death metal, meticulously executed from start to finish - revealing more of what it has to offer with every listen. Livløs prove that they are here to stay with And Then There Were None.

And Then There Were None will be available as a digipak CD and digital album, as well as 1LP gatefold black vinyl and an exclusive transparent red 1LP gatefold (limited to 200).

Pre-order here.


"And Then There Were None"
"Serpentine Supremacy"
"Mortal Severance"
"Drenched in Turmoil"
"Seize the Night"
"The Purest Black"

"And Then There Were None" video:

Livløs are:

Niklas Lykke - vocals
Franz Aleksander Posch - guitar
Kenneth Breinbjerg - guitar
Thomas Dannemand Jensen - drums
Søren Frambo - bass

(Photo - Nikolaj Bransholm)

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