LONE KODIAK Let Loose With New Single “Inner Monologue”

November 16, 2023, 5 months ago


LONE KODIAK Let Loose With New Single “Inner Monologue”

Lone Kodiak, the trailblazing quartet from East LA, has today released their highly anticipated single, “Inner Monologue.” This release marks a defiant stand for authentic artistic identity, resonating deeply with listeners and unveiling the band's tempestuous journey towards self-realization. Lone Kodiak confronts the futile pursuit of diluting one's essence to satisfy fleeting market trends and elusive algorithms.

“Inner Monologue” stands as a potent defiance against the insidious self-doubt that pervades the artistic and personal realms. This track forges a narrative steeped in unfiltered honesty, breaking away from the allure of mainstream appeal to embrace raw, unadulterated truth. It navigates a deeply introspective journey, confronting and dismantling the internal critic. This process transforms a candid acknowledgment of inner struggles into a powerful declaration of identity, shunning the spiral of internalized shame and transcending traditional songwriting conventions that prioritize appeal over authenticity.

Singer Dainéal Parker: “Drawing heavily on our punk and metal roots, I had been envisioning an unrelenting, full volume, full tempo, no-frills screamer that took no time for even a single moment of softness. You’d think a song about crippling social anxiety, overwhelming self consciousness, and a hypercritical inner voice might have a gentler sound, but we opted to answer the mania and aggression with the same.”

Check it out below:


While “Inner Monologue” is certainly momentous, it's also just the latest in a remarkable series of hits and significant media presence for the group. Since “The Corner Booth” (feat. Chase Petra) burst onto the scene in July this year, Lone Kodiak has captured the hearts and ears of fans and critics alike.

Their journey continued with the captivating “Let’s Hear it for The Kid” in August, a track that showcased their dynamic range and earned the spotlight as the Track of the Week on The Loft Sessions. September saw the release of “Make It A Weapon (Catastrophzr Version),” a haunting re-rendering of an earlier track that underscored their versatility and artistic depth with a far more electronic approach.

October brought the release of “Werewolf Girl!,” a carefully constructed narrative that uses its seemingly buoyant subject as a foil to explore darker, more complex themes, and premiered on Vents Magazine. It exemplified the band’s ability to blend raw emotion, charge it with atmospheric melodies, and wield it effortlessly to create complex, tragic tableaux - a hallmark that has defined (and likely caused) their rise to the top once again this year.

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