MALPHAS Sign To M-Theory Audio, New Single/Video "Red Shield Syndicate" Online Now

February 12, 2024, 5 months ago

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MALPHAS Sign To M-Theory Audio, New Single/Video "Red Shield Syndicate" Online Now

Philadelphia’s Malphas have signed to M-Theory Audio for the release of their sophomore album, Portal.

“Malphas is honored and excited to join such a talented roster and world class team at M-Theory,” reveals singer/guitarist Paul DeSanctis. “We've worked hard on this new album for the past few years, are thankful to have found a home for it and have great confidence in what we will accomplish through our partnership.”

Portal is the follow-up to debut The 39th Spirit, released in 2018 on Poland’s Via Nocturna label. Each of the epic, melodic death metal quartet’s albums revolve around the demon Malphas, and his encounters with people in life and death.

“Portal takes place chronologically two hundred years prior to the events of The 39th Spirit,” explains Paul. “The album explores new themes like politics, economics, and historical events in fleshing out how the dystopian world in The 39th Spirit comes to be.”

To get an idea of the band’s sound and growth, Malphas has revealed the single / music video for “Red Shield Syndicate” today on all streaming / download platforms, or watch the video below.

“'Red Shield Syndicate' is an allegory for the Federal Reserve System, the central bank of the United States. The initial villain in the story facilitates the conspiracy between the elite bankers and politicians to cartelize the financial system. The song culminates with an economic depression and political revolution; as an angry mob rises up against the government and overthrows it. But this creates a power vacuum and opens the door for an even worse government under Malphas.”

Portal was recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Kelly (Ice Nine Kills, BabyMetal, Galactic Empire). It will be available on CD and digital March 29th.


"The Wizard's Portal"    
"Fiat Empire"    
"Novus Ordo Seclorum"    
"Red Shield Syndicate"    
"Candle Hands"    
"Shadow And Blood On Jekyll Isle"    
"Leviathan's Moonlit Sanctum"    
"Pale Eyes To Snowy Skies"    
"Man, Raven And The Portal" 

For further details, visit Malphas on Facebook.


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