MASSIVE WAGONS Launch New Single "Generation Prime" Feat. SKINDRED's BENJI WEBBE; Triggered! Album Due In October

August 16, 2022, a year ago

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MASSIVE WAGONS Launch New Single "Generation Prime" Feat. SKINDRED's BENJI WEBBE; Triggered! Album Due In October

British rockers Massive Wagons have teamed up with metal legend Benji Webbe (Skindred, Dub War) for their new single, “Generation Prime” (listen below), taken from their upcoming album Triggered!, out October 28 via Earache Records.

A sugar-buzz punk rock anthem that nods to The Offspring’s 90s singalong glory years, “Generation Prime” takes aim at our need for instant gratification, Wagons’ Barry “Baz” Mills and Benji Webbe trading vocal pot shots over galloping, powerhouse rhythms and ska inflected guitars.

Baz explains the issue that “Generation Prime” addresses, "NOW NOW NOW NOW, got to have it now! Convenience has turned people lazy, addicted to instant gratification, immediate satisfaction, cheap shopping, fast delivery - the prime generation, no awareness of the consequences of the way we live.”

He continues, “This is one of Stephen's riffs, he brought that kinda ska punk vibe and I immediately fell in love with it. I'd had the idea for the song floating around for a while - I wanted to take a stab at consumerism, and it just worked straight away. The song has got so many sides, it keeps changing pace and direction but remains solid and catchy. Then we have the absolute king, the master of ceremonies, Benji Webbe putting his vocals down on it, and writing some great parts. He has character and style by the truck, and it was an absolute honour to have him on board, always bringing the fire!”

Baz adds, "We all had a feeling about this track from the off, I think it has broad appeal and is a live banger, so it was put in the set immediately!! The crowd just get it straight away, and it sets off the energy at shows, it's loads of fun to play.”

Triggered! is available for pre-order here on limited coloured vinyl (including green, orange and pink vinyl), black vinyl, signed CD, cassette and digital download. There are also six white vinyl editions available as part of a special collector's bundle, featuring six different front and back covers.


"Fuck The Haters"
"Please Stay Calm"
"Generation Prime"
"Gone Are The Days"
"Never Been A Problem"
"Big Time"
"No Friend Of Mine"

"Generation Prime":

Massive Wagons are due to co-headline UK venues this year with Ugly Kid Joe on the Comin' For You! '22 tour, starting on November 3r at the O2 Academy Liverpool and finishing at KK's Steel Mill in Wolverhampton on November 11.

Baz shares his excitement for the tour, “Absolutely banging times ahead, this UK tour feels like a real step up for us. It’s a massive honour to be heading out with Ugly Kid Joe. These guys were a huge part of our musical upbringing, I remember seeing the tees everywhere as a kid, massive hits, the band were all over record stores and radio, so to co-head a tour with them is a proper moment in our story. I think it’s gonna be party central, both bands bring a big high energy show with a plethora of catchy tunes, it’s gonna go off! I always wanted one of their middle finger tees as a kid but was too scared to buy one in case my mother gave me a bollocking haha. Hope to see you on the road, this tour is definitely one not to miss. Rock on ya rad mothers!”

For a full list of upcoming tour dates or to buy tickets, visit the band’s official website here.

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