Mobile Casino Gaining in Popularity? Top Gambling Music Artists in Canada

February 7, 2022, 2 years ago


Mobile Casino Gaining in Popularity? Top Gambling Music Artists in Canada

People all over the world play mobile games or use apps in order to entertain themselves. This has been the case even before smartphones became a thing, as earlier cell phones also had some games. Today, however, phones are practically mini computers and have way more capabilities. Some of the most popular content in Canada is online casino games, and those can be accessed via mobile phone. There is a list of Canadian mobile casinos that players often use because they have a massive game selection and generous bonuses. Since sites are mobile-friendly, it makes this content really accessible and this factor contributes to the overall popularity of casino games. 

Here we will talk about all of the factors that contribute to the growth of the iGaming industry in Canada. We will talk about Canadian laws and regulations pertaining to this form of entertainment, and even mention music artists that are passionate about this hobby. 

Why Are Online Casinos Popular?

Casino games or gambling have been an attractive hobby for centuries. There is even evidence from ancient civilizations that luck-based games existed as a form of entertainment, it’s simply difficult to identify the rules of those games. As mentioned, today we have online casinos that are available on mobile, which is one factor that contributes to their popularity. However, it’s more than just that. We can look at a popular operator Royal Panda Casino, as it is another popular operator in Canada. We can see that bonus offers, collaboration with reputable software developers, and the ability to accommodate different payments, are traits that many successful casino sites share. 

Yet, these are not the only reasons why online casinos are popular. First of all, there is a need or curiosity to test our luck, and gambling operators are the best solution to satisfy this desire. Additionally, this is a social activity as well, and as a species, we do have a need to socialize and to be entertained. Finally, the innovations in game design and the influence of mainstream media are both helping casinos stay relevant.   

Innovations and Changes in Casino Games 

Online casinos were created with the goal of mimicking or replicating the experience that land-based gambling establishments provide. This meant that they had to innovate and even create some exclusive content for their users. So many operators are trying to cater to a wide range of gambling enthusiasts and provide sports betting options along with a digital version of casino games. Some of the more notable innovations that we can list are live dealer games, live betting options, eSports betting, and innovations in slots design. On top of all this, there have been creative bonuses and offers that resonate quite well with the users, as well as innovations in payment methods. 

Live dealer content relies on streaming technology and it makes the whole online experience more social and more authentic. Live sports betting is a great option for sports fans as they get to make the whole viewing experience more exciting, given how they get to react to what’s happening in the match. For a long time slots had one and the same core design, and lots of players still love those classic games. That being said, there is an array of slots that breaks from that traditional formula, and that’s way more entertaining because of it. 

As far as bonuses go, a lot of internet casinos follow the tried and tested formula, but there are some that were more creative. There are tournament game modes, and there are cashback offers, which slots fans definitely like. Tournaments give you an extra chance of winning because you are competing against other people simply by playing the game, and a cashback offer can mitigate your losses while playing slots. 

Another exciting thing about online casinos is that everyone can make a profit out of promoting them. Companies have successfully adopted the best affiliate marketing practices and made this industry one of the most attractive to affiliates. For instance, PlayAmo offers up to $300 for every brought client. A review of PlayAmo Partners on revenuelab shows what great benefits online casino affiliate programs can give.

Mainstream Media and Gambling

Canada is home to many incredible gambling resorts and some of the most luxurious casinos. This is one of the reasons why tourists love to come here during their vacation. Also, lots of locals come to these places because it’s one of the best ways to have a memorable night out. It’s important to mention that mainstream media can condition our minds as well, and if we hear our favorite artists singing about their experience in a casino, we are also likely to give it a shot.

There are many popular songs that talk about gambling or partying and they are not restricted to the pop genre. Country music, rock music, and overall great music artists that sing about their gambling experiences. Canadians love songs like Luck Be a Lady by Frank Sinatra, The Gambler by Kenny Rogers, Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley, and Waking Up in Vegas by Katy Perry. All of these are in some way related to casinos, and they reinforce the notion that this is a fun place to be.

Moreover, there are popular celebrities like Drake and Justin Beiber who are arguably some of the most famous musicians of today. Although they don’t necessarily sing about gambling they are known to play poker and blackjack. Given their massive fan base it’s safe to say many view them as role models, so they want to mimic their behavior

Finally, lots of popular movies take place or are in some way related to casino entertainment. Owning Mahowny is a true masterpiece when it comes to portraying gambling addiction, but we also have other famous casino-themed movies that are popular in Canada. Casino Royale, Hangover, and Ocean’s Eleven are just some of the examples that immediately come to mind.   

Canada and Online Casinos

Although Canada is known as one of the most liberal places in the world, they have some pretty strict gambling laws. First of all, it’s illegal to have an online casino business, and there are only certain betting options that are available to sportsbook operators. That being said, they do not have any issue with people playing on online casino sites that belong to foreign operators, and they have a list of licensing bodies that they accept. As a result, the gambling activity here is really high. 

It’s also worth mentioning that each province gets to decide how they will handle this industry, so some places have higher gambling activity compared to others. Meaning, their position might change in the future, especially now when lots of other European countries are making online gambling legal. However, they might want to preserve the economic impact of land-based casinos, and making online versions legal might interfere with that.  


As you can see there are lots of factors that contribute to the popularity and public perception of this hobby. Gambling is usually seen as pure entertainment in countries with higher living standards where people have more disposable income. In third-world countries, the opinion on this subject varies, but it’s always important to remember that responsible gaming is crucial, regardless of where you are coming from. The only way this hobby can stick around is if people are responsible and if regulators make it safe for everyone. If you don’t like how it affects you then it’s best to avoid it. The key is to view it as a fun activity, not as a solution for financial issues or for financial stability. 

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