MORGANA LEFAY - New Album Title, Song-Titles, Clips Available

December 28, 2006, 14 years ago

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Swedish power metallers MORGANA LEFAY have issued the following update:

"Once again it has taken far too long for us to update our website. We suck don't we? Sorry, but we are five lazy bastards with no webmaster at the moment. I (Pelle Åkerlind - drums) am the one who is supposed to take care of the updates and I am busy trying to prove that there is more than 24 hours in a day...

We should maybe ask someone to take care of the website? If there is a webmaster out there praying for a website to nurse - give us a call!

So what's new?

Well, we will release a new album in March 2007. What do we have to do? The album is recorded, so that is not a problem. And the name of the album is not a problem... anymore, so that is nothing to worry about.

By the way, the album title is Primal Chaos. And as a "sorry that we suck at updating our website" we have a few late christmas presents for you!!

All the song titles. A shitload of MP3s in the media section! And last but not least... two clips ('The Rush Of Possession', 'Reflections Of War') from the new album! You find them in the media section among the rest of the MP3s."

The tracklisting for Primal Chaos includes: 'Delusions', 'Make A Wish', 'The Rush Of Possession', 'Depression', 'Caught In The Treadwheel', 'Reflections Of War', 'Face Of Fear', 'Where I Rule', 'In Shadows I Reign', 'Aberration Of Mind', 'Vultures Devouring', 'Over And Over Again'.

Take care and have a heavy new year people!"

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