NAD SYLVAN Releases New Video “Sailing To Byzantium”

June 4, 2021, a week ago

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NAD SYLVAN Releases New Video “Sailing To Byzantium”

After the successful release of his latest album Spiritus Mundi Nad Sylvan is releasing the new video for the song “Sailing To Byzantium”, off of said album. He put a lot of effort into the video and is very pleased with the result. Nad comments:

“This is my take on Yeats’s escape from mortality, seeking comfort in his own bubble and dreams of finding paradise. As I turn 62 today, June 4th, I feel very connected with the lyric and its metaphorical message.

“I started filming in March, out on my deck with a green screen (guitar scenes). It was pretty cold and I was freezing, but filming indoors wasn’t spacious enough. I constantly had to wipe my runny nose! Andrew sent me his bits, filmed by his wife Janet and I think they turned out quite lovely just as the segments Wayne Joyner created for me (with Andrew in space being one of them).

“This is my reversed birthday gift to you, my beloved fans who stay connected and keep supporting me year after year. Please come onboard and sail with me to Byzantium…

“Much love,

Spiritus Mundi is available as Special Edition CD Digipak (incl. two bonus tracks), 180g Gatefold LP Vinyl Edition (incl. the entire album on CD) and as Digital Download. Order here.


“The Second Coming”
“Sailing To Byzantium”
“Cap And Bells”
“The Realists”
“The Stolen Child”
“To An Isle In The Water”
“The Hawk”
“The Witch And The Mermaid”
“The Fisherman”
“You’ve Got To Find A Way” (Bonus Track)
“To A Child Dancing In The Wind” (Bonus Track)

“The Stolen Child”:

“The Fisherman”:

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