NICK MENZA - Soundtrack Teaser Released For Late MEGADETH Drummer's This Was My Life Documentary

January 25, 2023, a year ago

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NICK MENZA - Soundtrack Teaser Released For Late MEGADETH Drummer's This Was My Life Documentary

Listen to two teaser tracks, "Almost There" and "Realty Check", from the long-awaited Nick Menza documentary film soundtrack, This Was My Life: The Story Of Nick Menza. A one minute, 16 second clip which can be found below, includes snippets of both tracks.

This Was My Life: The Story Of Nick Menza soundtrack is a very diverse posthumous album worth of heavy music featuring a bunch of industry veterans and will consist of 9 to 12 tracks from Nick Menza's un-earthed and un-released drum riffs Menza recorded for a project he assembled in 2013 called The Atomic Disintegrators and is believed to be some of the final studio drum recordings of Menza before he tragically passed away 2016. David Ellefson played bass on a few of the tracks and also will helm the position as executive producer.

"Almost There" was written and produced by guitarist / vocalist Davor Garašić from the Croatian thrash metal band Sufosia & Nick Menza, Lyrics were written by Davor Garašić.

 "Realty Check" was written by Davor Garašić & Dario Bulatović from Sufosia in 2014, exclusively for Menza's "The Atomic Desintegrators" project, Lyrics were written by Davor Garašić and Eugen Makek.

8 of the 12 songs have since been complete so far and will be available in the upcoming feature length documentary film and later released under the "The Atomic Disintegrators" moniker. The track listing and collaborating musicians who participated in writing and recording process will be announced soon.

When Menza was asked about his "The Atomic Disintegrators" project On September 20, 2013 by Honduras rock journalist Alvaro Villatoro (a.k.a.) Lemmy Simmons) Menza previously stated: I've got another record in the can right now that I'm ready to put out, "The Atomic Disintegrators", it's called, that's the name of my new project and it's very heavy".

I'm very pumped. And I'm kind of looking to see about getting some other players in there whether they're known guys or unknown guys. 'Cause right now it's just me doing everything and I can't very well tour on that by myself. But I can definitely release a couple of tracks and see where it goes from there. I'm trying to do a cartoon with it for TV and a comic book. And it's really cool.

The whole concept is "The Atomic Disintegrators" It's got some governmental, conspiracy, alien stuff in it. It's mostly about current stuff that's going on in the world. And the music is very metal, but more contemporary style like Meshuggah-type, Opeth, Gojira. It's heavy."

This Was My Life: The Story Of Nick Menza is being produced, directed and edited by Holly Mollohan from Screaming Butterfly Entertainment. David Ellefson has signed on as a co-producer of the film, and also will provide narration to guide the viewer through the exploration of the late drummers life. Producer, director and editor Holly Mollohan has since been editing the film, forging ahead and getting the film ready for a late 2023 release.

Menza's longtime personal manager Robert Bolger stated: "Going through all of Nick's personal and private VHS tape collection, photos and audio files was by far the best part of making this documentary."

"There's so much material i went through, listing to all the unreleased drum tracks, gathering all the footage from the live shows, backstage, on the tour bus, in the studio, fans and the interviews was an absolute amazing task piecing everything together, what amazing life Nick lived and a legacy he left behind."

Ellefson previously stated about his involvement with the film: "The making of the Nick Menza documentary has been such a joy for all of us, like a sort of MEGA family reunion where we shared stories, laughs and even a few tears around Nick and what he meant to so many of us. I think this film and soundtrack will touch the hearts of the fans and viewers in the same way, as we remember his larger-than-life character behind the drum kit, but also his lovable charm and warmth that made him the beloved one of a treasured musical legacy."

The Menza family previously stated: We are excited for the fans to see the life Nick lived before, during, and after Megadeth, it was quite the journey. Stay tuned for an epic documentary. As Nick would say, ‘It’s gonna be RAD. This Was My Life: The Story Of Nick Menza."

"This Was My Life will be the first-ever film to memorialize Menza's legacy and celebrate his life exactly how it was. It is described in a press release as "an unflinching exploration into the life of one of the most successful thrash-metal drummers of all time, authorized by the Menza family. From his childhood all the way through to the end of his life including a true blow-by-blow account of the repeated failed attempts of the classic Rust In Peace lineup."

This Was My Life will feature rare and never-before-seen photos and video footage from Nick's archived VHS tape collection, personally filmed by Menza himself from 1988 through 1991. Included will be exclusive content showcasing Nick working at the studio, personal home movies, casual time and party time with his fellow bandmembers, as well as other well-known artists of the era that Nick toured with.

This Was My Life will Include interviews with the Menza family & close friends, and former Megadeth members Chris Poland, Jeff Young, Lamb Of God/Megadeth drummer Chris Adler, former Megadeth tour manager Skip Rickert, Nick's drum tech Rob Corsie, legendary rock and roll photographer Gene Kirkland, film director, late metal historian journalists, film maker Bob Nalbandian, James Rota and Emily Burton of Fireball Ministry. Terri Evans, Peter Flyn, John "Gumby" Goodwin, Bert Wolf, David Randi, Rob Schaefer, Juan "Nico" Alvarez, Robertino "Pag" Pagliari , Iki Levy of Soultone cymbals, and David Corral of L.A. Calling.

Late in the evening on May 21, 2016, Nick collapsed behind his drum kit after suffering a heart attack during a concert with Chris Poland and Robertino "Pag" Pagliari in their band OHM: at The Baked Potato in Studio City, California and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner said Menza died of hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

Menza rightfully earned his place as heavy metal's fiercest drummer during Megadeth's 10-year peak at the top. The highlight of his career, Nick said, was playing Rock In Rio before more than 100,000 people. The lowest point was being fired by Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine while he was still in a hospital bed after surgery to remove what doctors feared was a cancerous growth.

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