NIGHTWISH Vocalist FLOOR JANSEN Shares 2021 Christmas Message Video

December 25, 2021, 12 months ago

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NIGHTWISH Vocalist FLOOR JANSEN Shares 2021 Christmas Message Video

Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen has shared a new video along with the following message:

"Merry Christmas from my animals, Hannes, Freja and me to all of you! We wanted to take this opportunity with Fan Friday to share some funny stories from you instead of questions and react to them! On top of that, we want to think of all of the people who are alone this Christmas and the many affected by the terrible disease that is Covid. Let's be happy and support one another! Enjoy your holidays!"

The clip below features Jansen performing the Samantha Steenwijk song "Mama" at her solo show at AFAS Live in Amsterdam, Netherlands on September 1st, 2021.  She originally covered the song on the Dutch TV show "Beste Zangers".

The setlist was as follows:

Set 1:

"Ever Dream" (Nightwish)
"Storm In A Glass" (Northward) 
"Nemo" (Nightwish) 
"Mama" (Samantha Steenwijk cover) 
"Sweet Curse" (ReVamp song - with Henk Poort) 
"Dangerous Game" (from Jekyll & Hyde - with Henk Poort) 
"Euphoria" (Loreen)
"Face Your Demons" (After Forever) 
"Winner" (Tim Akkerman cover)

Set 2:

"Slow, Love, Slow" (Nightwish)
"Shallow" (Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper cover) 
"Strong" (After Forever) 
"Élan" (Nightwish) 
"Energize Me" (After Forever) 
"Qué Se Siente" (Rolf Sanchez)
"Bridle Passion" (Northward) 
"Our Decades In The Sun" (Nightwish)
"Wolf And Dog" (ReVamp) 
"The Phantom Of The Opera" (Andrew Lloyd Webber cover - with Henk Poort)

"Storm In A Glass"

"Ever Dream"

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