Noise/Psych Rock Trio THE FREQS To Release Poachers EP In February; “Witch” Single Streaming

January 3, 2023, a year ago

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Noise/Psych Rock Trio THE FREQS To Release Poachers EP In February; “Witch” Single Streaming

Salem, Massachusetts-based The Freqs will release their caustic and infectious Poachers EP in early February.

Delivering fuzzed-out, psych-punk, stoner rock, and sledgehammering noise at a crushing decibel, The Freqs formed on the north shore of Massachusetts in 2019 by guitarist/vocalist Seth Crowell and bassist/vocalist Ian Mandly, with the lineup solidifying in 2020 after the addition of drummer Zack Fierman. Together, the trio crafts a distinctive sound at the intersection of genres.

Released at the end of 2022, The Freqs’ newest single "Witch" is a thundering voyage inspired by the past and present of their hometown, Salem, Massachusetts. The song is the first single off the band’s fourth EP, Poachers, which was recorded by, mixed, and mastered by Alex Allinson at Bridge Sound And Stage in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and completed with cover art photography by Colby Todisco. The tracks “Powertrippin’” and “Witch” feature additional backing vocals by Nicholas Pentabona (Bedtimemagic).

“Witch” was written by the band’s Seth Crowell who is a descendant of Rebecca Nurse, one of the witches hanged during the Salem Witch Trials. The song is his attempt at dissecting that too often glossed over tragedy in the context of today.

Crowell writes, “‘Witch’ aims to serve as a condemnation of the male gaze and the greater patriarchy at large. The lyrics are sung from the perspective of the crazed accuser who demands violence for the accused Witch for denying his advances. The lyrics are delivered as deliberately aggressive to illustrate that the accuser is the true danger to his community.”

Poachers will see digital release on February 3. Find pre-orders here and watch for additional previews of the record to post over the days ahead.


"Poacher Gets The Tusk"
"Asphalt Rivers"
"Sludge Rats"
"Chase Fire, Caught Smoke"


The Freqs:

Seth Crowell – guitar, vox
Ian Mandly – bass, synth, piano, backing vox
Zack Fierman – drums, auxiliary percussion, backing vox

(Photo - Zack Fierman)

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