NONPOINT Complete Work On New EP - "We Just Have To Put All The Pieces In The Stew And Stir It Up A Little Bit"; Audio

May 31, 2021, a month ago

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NONPOINT Complete Work On New EP - "We Just Have To Put All The Pieces In The Stew And Stir It Up A Little Bit"; Audio

During a recent appearance on The Itch Rock Podcast, Nonpoint drummer Robb Rivera and guitarist Jason Zeilstra revealed that the first of a planned three upcoming EPs is complete.

“This particular EP is done… we have songs written and started and we know where we’re going with them (for the next EP), we just have to put all the pieces in the stew and stir it up a little bit,” Zeilstra said.

Last month Nonpoint debuted the EP’s lead single, “Ruthless”, the first original track to feature Zeilstra, who joined the band in late 2019.

“I was always asked to be a full participant from the moment I was asked to be a part of the band,” Zeilstra told The Itch. “I’ve known Rasheed (Thomas, guitarist) for 20 years, 10 years before (he joined) Nonpoint. Our bands played together. And then I met Adam (Woloszyn, bassist). And even our manager Frank, he booked clubs in the area. Frank had sent my profile to Robb when they were looking for someone and Rasheed vouched for me, and it was just a cake walk from there.”

During the conversation, Rivera also discussed the origin of arguably their most well-known song, a cover of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”.

“We were on tour on the Development album, and our old drum tech Scott just blurted that out. ‘You guys should do “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.’ And we didn’t really think much of it. When we went to the studio to do Recoil that came up and we gave it a stab. And the first version we did, we played it exactly like it is, and it was like, ‘This is not working.’ So what you hear is the fifth version of that song. It’s an iconic track, man. And the only thing that we used in the song was the actual melody and that drum fill. Ken (MacMillan, former Nonpoint bassist), the next day he came with the (imitates bass intro) and I started playing the djembe and we built it from there. That song has been a complete blessing to us … Thank you, Phil, by the way. (Laughing) Thank you for the song.”

Listen to the podcast at

The Itch is a St. Louis rock radio show and podcast. It was founded in 2004, and is produced and hosted by Dan Cardosi, KC Adams, and Aaron Brummet.

"Ruthless", off of their upcoming EP, was released through Nonpoint's very own label 361 Degrees Records LLC and was this year's featured track on AEW's Blood And Guts on TNT.

“Ruthless is more than just a song. It’s a story with attitude and purpose. This is more than just an anthem, it’s heart pounding, high octane jet fuel and OUR MOST IRRESPONSIBLE MUSIC EVER," says Elias Soriano, vocalist for Nonpoint.

The band launched their independent record label 361 Degrees Records LLC in January of this year. They filmed the process of starting the label and making new music in a Docu-Series titled “A Path To Independence” that can be seen on the band's YouTube and official website.

"We would like to thank everyone for the support in our announcement of starting our own label! The messages we have received have been really amazing, inspiring, and we're so grateful to know we have all of your support. Over the past year, we filmed a documentary-series so we could show you our journey during this important step in our careers and to take you behind the scenes as we write new music," says the band.

Commitment to forward motion ensures longevity. After 20-plus years, ten full-length releases, countless sold out shows, and over one million albums sold worldwide, Nonpoint endure through sustaining an unbreakable bond among themselves and to a diehard fan base all over the globe.

Masters of, and pioneers in the nu-metal/rap-rock world, Nonpoint has quietly been the biggest and best kept secret of the rock/metal genre. Their songs and renowned performances have had musicians from all corners of the genre and music industry members standing side stage to revel in the audiences they transform.

The band's songs "Bullet With A Name," "Alive And Kicking," "In The Air Tonight," "Circles," "Your Signs," "Everybody Down" and many others have been featured in trailers, hit movies, television, iconic video games, as well as broadcasts from NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, WWF.

Nonpoint has toured with major acts like Disturbed, Papa Roach, Mudvayne, and Sevendust to name a few. They have also been featured on the main stages and support stages of iconic festivals like Soundwave, Rock AM Park, Rock AM Ring, Ozzfest US and Donington, Rock on the Range, Welcome to Rockville and many more.

Today, Nonpoint continues to ignite streaming platforms, news feeds, social media platforms, and festival stages, and 2021 is shaping up to take them from rock's best kept secret to a household name.

"Ruthless" can be streamed/downloaded here. Listen below:

Nonpoint is:

Elias Soriano (Lead Vocals)
Robb Rivera (Drums)
Rasheed Thomas (Guitar /Backing Vocals)
Adam Woloszyn (Bass)
Jason Zeilstra (Lead Guitar)

(Photo - Francesca Ludikar)

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