ORDEN OGAN Unveils “My Worst Enemy” Music Video

February 23, 2024, a month ago

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ORDEN OGAN Unveils “My Worst Enemy” Music Video

Orden Ogan recently announced their signing to ascending Hamberg (DE) / Los Angeles, CA based label Reigning Phoenix Music accompanied by an enthusiastic promise of new music which now gets redeemed: Today, the German dark power metal act have launched a video for their new single “My Worst Enemy”.

The song is the first preview of the group's 2024 studio album The Order Of Fear, which is set to be released this summer, and was visually captured by a team led by the band's very own Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann (vocals; Greenman Studios) alongside Tobias "Wingis" Struck (Bildfabrik).

Orden Ogan comment, "We show our vulnerable side and get as personal as never before with our new single 'My Worst Enemy.' It's a power ballad, reaching out to those who suffer from anxiety, depression and self-doubt, making them known that they're not alone."

“My Worst Enemy” is a special pick as first single from The Order Of Fear since ballads aren't the usual way to evoke excitement for a new record. But there's always two layers when it comes to Orden Ogan lyrics: On one hand, they tell the story of Alister Vale, an undying character spreading death and sorrow; on the other hand, they appeal to humans who fight anxiety and depression and tell them that they're not alone. Simply put: “My Worst Enemy” deals with being one own's worst enemy most of the time by being trapped in negative thoughts and making the same mistakes over and over again.

Stream “My Worst Enemy” here.

Find all tour information at ordenogan.de/live/.

(Photo – Nat Enemede)

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