Original SURVIVOR Vocalist DAVE BICKLER On "Eye Of The Tiger" Video - "I Am Surprised That Almost 2 Billion People Have Watched It"

October 25, 2021, a year ago

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Original SURVIVOR Vocalist DAVE BICKLER On "Eye Of The Tiger" Video - "I Am Surprised That Almost 2 Billion People Have Watched It"

The voice on one of the most instantly recognizable and celebrated rock anthems, former Survivor singer Dave Bickler, discusses "Eye Of The Tiger", his solo career, and more in a new interview with Rockpages.gr.. An excerpt follows:

Rockpages.gr: When someone mentions your name, the two first things that come to one’s mind are: a) "Eye Of The Tiger" and b) the guy with the beret. Was it your idea to wear the beret?

Dave Bickler: "Yeah, totally. It was like a style, something to wear on stage."

Rockpages.gr: Of course, the video for “Eye Of The Tiger” helped a lot... what do you remember from that day or more specifically from that night of the video-shooting?

Dave Bickler: "Yeah, it was in the early days of MTV and by today’s standards it was a pretty low-budget video but it has a certain cool feel. We shot it in San Francisco... I remember it well... we went to a Thai restaurant. You gotta be careful when you are going to a Thai restaurant, especially if it is an authentic one... I remember taking a bite on one thing and I swear it was so hot, man... I couldn’t eat it!"

Rockpages.gr: Was it a long night?

Dave Bickler: "For some reason, I can’t remember the director’s name... I am sure we can look it up online. It was his idea... the whole video story."

Rockpages.gr: Were you surprised?

Dave Bickler: "I am surprised that almost 2 billion people have watched it." (laughs)

Rockpages.gr: Did you have the chance to meet Sylvester Stallone?

Dave Bickler: "Oh yeah. We recorded the song and he liked it. It was very close to the production deadline and he wanted to come down and link the song to the movie. We booked a studio, listen to the song, talked about the movie... he was really funny, charming guy."

Rockpages.gr: Are you a fan of his acting?

Dave Bickler: "Oh yeah, sure... of course!"

Rockpages.gr: So is it safe to say that Rocky III is your favorite from the brand?

Dave Bickler: "It kinda is because I am involved with this but I think it was cool that he wanted to freshen it up... it was amazing having Bill Conti on the first two films but it was cool that he wanted a rock band. I think it was a smart thing to do. I remember going to the theater to watch the film when it came out and after the song everybody stood up and clapped - it was amazing! I remember thinking that this would be the most incredible promotional vehicle of all time. I could see that coming."

Read more and see video at Rockpages.gr..

(Photo - Jeff Lange)

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