PAUL DI'ANNO - 666 Days With The Beast Going To Print In July 2024; "The Book Exceeded All My Plans" Says Author STJEPAN JURAS

June 10, 2024, a month ago

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PAUL DI'ANNO - 666 Days With The Beast Going To Print In July 2024; "The Book Exceeded All My Plans" Says Author STJEPAN JURAS

Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'anno's manager at Full Metal Service, Stjepan Juras, announced the pre-order for his new book, 666 Days With The Beast, back in December 2023. He has checked in with the following update:

"Dear friends... at this very moment I finished my monumental book, 666 Days With The Beast. Tomorrow I am sending it for translation, and it will be ready for printing in the middle of July 2024. The book exceeded all my plans and from the planned 256 pages it grew to an incredible 412. I believe that you will be delighted and I am a little afraid if I will succeed with any of the next books to surpass myself. For all those who want to order it, click here."

Stjepan offered an overview of the book in December 2023 when announcing the pre-order:

"The time has finally come to present to you the book, 666 Days With The Beast, which I have been announcing for a long time and which I responsibly claim is one of the most shocking, if not the most shocking book of its kind that has ever been published anywhere in the world.

Paul Di’Anno isn’t nicknamed "The Beast" for nothing. From day 1, when I saw him almost dying lying helpless on the bed of a medical vehicle in Zagreb, to the legendary performance in Cart and Horses (666th day), but also after that on tour in the UK, EU, Australia and South America, my eyes saw a lot, my ears heard what they should and shouldn’t have, and my body felt something that almost killed me. Many times I felt elation and triumph, and just as many times I was put in a situation where I wanted to personally strangle Paul with my own hands, and I believe he wanted me too. A warm-cold, but above all honest, raw relationship brought us together in an unbreakable friendship, and on the other hand, we are each other’s pain in the ass and we say what’s on our minds to each other without batting an eye.

You will see this whole story about bringing Paul back from the ‘dead’ through my eyes; you will see gruelling treatments, highs and lows, panic attacks, depression, PTSD, crises and much, much more. Through my eyes, you will see the complex operation of implanting artificial bone, and brand new teeth, fundraising for all treatments, physical therapy, lymphatic drainage, living in a nursing home, forming the band Warhorse, the first concert in many years, going to an Iron Maiden concert and KISS, and you will witness first-hand all the ups and downs of a worldwide tour. Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, UK, EU, Australia, etc. You will find out first hand how Iron Maiden got involved when they also contributed to help Paul, and everyone else who contributed to make Paul better. You will feel my doubts, fears, and you will find out how I was brought to a burn out situation three times (Zagreb, Chile and Athens), where at one point I even exclaimed to Paul ‘feel free to die, I don’t care anymore!’.

I’m going to tell you the story of the duplicity of record companies, of the people who remembered to be Paul’s born-again friends only when he started bringing in money, and of my own struggle with inner demons. During that entire two-year period, my wife became pregnant and we had a beautiful child who traveled the world with us and eventually walked before Paul.

Despite everything, Paul has shown indomitable strength, exceptional resistance to absolutely everything, an almost insane dedication to what is his primary concern, which is music and fans. I am aware that this book will be completely different from everything I have written so far and that it will cause all kinds of reactions and disbelief. Believe me, there is no performer or band whose story is this scandalous and shocking. If you don’t want to know the truth, I advise you now, you better not buy it…

As a special thank you to every fan and friend who participated in helping Paul through the channels I organized, in this book all the names of the people who helped Paul will be listed by name and surname, and I will do my best to get a list of the names who donated through others channels, including those collected by the unforgettable Kastro Pergjoni. We all deserve to be together in one place (in this book) and to be grateful that "The Beast" still had the opportunity to show us how he did it with Maiden and that he once again touched our hearts from the stage."

Paul Di'Anno will release his long-awaited debut solo album in July, with his band Paul Di'Anno's Warhorse, for BraveWords Records. Pre-order the special edition of the album now at this location. BraveWords Records have agreed to physical distribution deals with Plastic Head in Europe and MVD in North America.


"Get Get Ready"
"Stop The War"
"The Doubt Within"
"Here Comes The Night"
"Forever Bound"
"Going Home"

"Stop The War" video:

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"The Doubt Within":

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