PHIL ANSELMO On PANTERA’s “This Love” Song - “It Was Just A Message To "Clingy Women" At The Time… Young Ladies”

July 9, 2015, 8 years ago

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PHIL ANSELMO On PANTERA’s “This Love” Song - “It Was Just A Message To "Clingy Women" At The Time… Young Ladies”

Speaking on the phone with Songfacts on the afternoon of his 47th birthday, Phil Anselmo (Down, Superjoint, ex-Pantera) was more than wiling to discuss his two great loves with Greg Prato: horror flicks and heavy metal - plus the stories behind several headbanging classics.

Songfacts: What was the lyrical inspiration behind Superjoint Ritual's "The Alkoholik"?

Phil: “Self-reflection. That came very naturally from writing about my entire crew of friends that I had for a long, long time. We were young when I wrote that song.”

Songfacts: Down's "Stone the Crow"?

Phil: “That came out of nothing, really. Even when we recorded the record, I really didn't have any set set of lyrics, so a lot of them are just bullshit, really, that just fit the song. And I guess over the years, they've become something. They've become whatever they are. I still think when people sing that song live with us out in the audience, I don't even think they know what the fuck they're saying, but they know the pattern to it, and they know the notes, so fuck it, it's good enough.”

Songfacts: Was Pantera's "This Love" autobiographical?

Phil: “Not necessarily. It was just a message to "clingy women" at the time - young ladies. I was a very young man when I wrote that song, as well. I was young, and thought, "Let's not make more of this relationship than need be." It could have been autobiographical, however it could be about and for anybody, and they can make it fit their life, as well.”

Songfacts: Pantera's "A New Level"?

Phil: “”A New Level" was the ultimate chip-on-your-shoulder type song at the time for me. Pantera were in our strongest bodies and our most youthful ferocity as a live act, and in the position at the time to where we damn well knew that we had to up our game even more physically live, and stay out and hit that road hard. With Vulgar Display of Power, we definitely wanted to make a statement musically that would coincide with this live show that we had - the energy that we were putting out there.”

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