PRIMAL FEAR Vocalist RALF SCHEEPERS On "I Will Be Gone" Duet With TARJA TURUNEN - "A Beautiful Ballad"

March 8, 2021, a month ago

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PRIMAL FEAR Vocalist RALF SCHEEPERS On "I Will Be Gone" Duet With TARJA TURUNEN - "A Beautiful Ballad"

On a recent episode of #MetalTalk, Primal Fear singer Ralf Scheepers shared details about his band's newest single featuring Tarja Turunen, "I Will Be Gone", scheduled for release on April 9th. The track comes from Metal Commando, Primal Fear's 13th studio album, released in 2020 via Nuclear Blast. 

During the chat, which can be seen below, Scheepers went in depth about his beginnings with Kai Hansen and how he joined Gamma Ray, how his later departure from Gamma Ray originated because of his desire to try out for Judas Priest (ending as a finalist), not getting the gig, and finally starting Primal Fear with Matt Sinner as the next step in his career. 

German power metallers, Primal Fear, want to show us something new, a different side of the band - after releasing a string of heavy and hard-hitting singles from Metal Commando, mastermind Mat Sinner and vocal force Ralf Scheepers have something extraordinary up their sleeves; a five-track single, built around an exclusive new rendition of their achingly beautiful ballad "I Will Be Gone", re-recorded with none other than Finnish metal diva extraordinaire, Tarja Turunen.

The band hsa kicked off the pre-order for the single, which will be available as CD-Digipak, Picture LP, Shape-Vinyl and Vinyl (different colors) and digitally on April 9th. Pre-order "I Will Be Gone" in the format of your choice here. Pre-save here.


"I Will Be Gone" (feat. Tarja Turunen)
"Vote For No Confidence"
"Rising Fear"
"Leave Me Alone"
"Second to None"

“There were three famous vocalists on our final wish list,” Mat Sinner comments. “That it was Tarja who got involved in this song is a matter of pure joy for all of us. Working together on the song and video was totally relaxed and professional – a great experience also because Tarja’s and Ralf’s voices go together incredibly well. Now, we can expand the Metal Commando saga with a unique chapter. We’re all really proud of this single.”

The Finnish icon can only agree: “I was very happy to receive the invitation to take part in Primal Fear’s beautiful song ‘I Will Be Gone’. We started our careers nearly at the same time many years ago, and finally got a chance to work together. I love the song and personally it helped me to stay connected and rock again, even if at the studio this time. I really hope that people will like this collaboration and that it will bring them joy especially during these difficult times we are living through at the moment.”

The song, fragile and touching, gets an altogether new and deeply melancholic vibe with Tarja’s unbelievably emotional performance, showcasing a different facet of Primal Fear. Yet, it’s not the only gift they deliver on this five-track sensation - just take "Vote Of No Confidence" for example, an all-new, previously unreleased beast of a song. Clocking in at over six minutes, this storming, furious anthem gives a brilliant glimpse of things to come. Previously only available as bonus tracks on the limited Metal Commando digipack, three more tracks complete this release; enchanting guitar instrumental "Rising Fear", massive mid-tempo smasher "Leave Me Alone", and heavy metal monument "Second To None", making "I Will Be Gone" so much more than just another off shoot of a successful album.


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