Record Cover Artist IOANNIS - "I'm Finishing A Book On Record Cover Artwork With My Good Friend Of Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles Fame, Martin Popoff"

November 1, 2011, 11 years ago

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Classic Rock Revisited founder Jeb Wright recently caught up with record cover artist IOANNIS. An excerpt from the conversation is available below:

Jeb: I know you have been doing a ton of work for URIAH HEEP. Before we even get into that tell me what you have been up to lately?

Ioannis: "A lot has been going on, as you know I run two firms, one is the design firm Vivid Images Creative, which almost 99% of our clients are in the entertainment industry. We are currently working on branding a new media company based in the NY area and also closely working with a startup firm from Chicago designing, what they hope to be, the next big thing on iPad interaction and entertainment.

Of more interest to the fans is what I am doing with Dangerous Age my art firm company and the artistic projects under that banner. I am working on a series of prints and deluxe portfolios for later in the year, of Uriah Heep, KING CRIMSON and FATES WARNING as well as new merchandise for the store plus a calendar of images for 2012.

I am also finishing a book on record cover artwork with my good friend of Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles fame, Martin Popoff, who is an author on hard rock books, as you know. It is a cool book with a great twist. I am completing a website on a band from Japan called ANIMETAL. I came late into the project, so I did not do the cover art, perhaps the next one. The band features Mike Vescera (OBSESSION, LOUDNESS) Rudy Sarzo (WHITESNAKE, OZZY OSBOURNE), Scott Travis (JUDAS PRIEST, RACER X) and Chris Impellitteri (IMPELLITTTERI). I am also scheduled to go up to Jim’s Matheos studio next month to start going over the creative on the new Fates Warning due next year, and I am working on possibly touring with Uriah Heep on their UK tour, although that is a bit iffy right now. I wish there were more hours in the day!"

Go to this location for the complete interview. Check out Ioannis' official website here.

Ioannis has designed over 165 album covers. His clients include DEEP PURPLE, STYX, DOKKEN, UFO, EXTREME, DREAM THEATER, SEPULTURA and KING CRIMSON to name a few.

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