SAMAEL Announce Two March 2024 Shows For Japan With ANAAL NATHRAKH

November 11, 2023, 4 weeks ago

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SAMAEL Announce Two March 2024 Shows For Japan With ANAAL NATHRAKH

Swiss symphonic industrial black metal band Samael has checked in with the following update:

"Samael forces of Japan, we will finally meet again next year! We will be performing together with Anaal Nathrakh, and the dates are as follows:

March 9, 2024: Tokyo - Reny Alpha Akabane
March 10, 2024: Osaka - Shinsaibashi Drop

More info soon!"

A deluxe re-release of Rebellion, the first EP by Samael, was issued on November 3 via Metal Scrap Record.

Rebellion is an interesting little median between Samael's strongest albums, a relic from a time, when most bands still seemed to care about releasing short-form works that had some unique content and genuine value. At the time it was easily the most experimental and varied of their recordings, if only because they saw fit to really test the waters beyond Metal with some of Xytras' evocative, ritualistic Ambient music with beats, having a few pretty decent, harder hitting tunes which mark that transition from Ceremony Of Opposites to the sheer brilliance.

Though it merely collected the leftover tracks from 1994's Ceremony Of Opposites, the Rebellion EP still serves as a tasty morsel of what Samael was about to accomplish musically. Tracks like "Rebellion" and "Static Journey" advance the Swiss black metal merchants' experiments with synths and electronic drumbeats, and an amusing cover of Alice Cooper's "I Love The Dead" adds a little variety to boot.

This is one of the first step in the new path taken by the band after their black metal early days and one of the most unique releases in the genre. Without a doubt, one of the best EPs ever released.

Limited Deluxe Edition 24-kt Gold Translucent CD, housed in luxury 6-panel Soft Touch Digipak with embossed gold foil stamping and voluminous varnish. Luxury textured sticker inside. Order here.


"After The Sepulture" (New Version)
"I Love The Dead" (Alice Cooper cover)
"Static Journey"
"Into The Pentagram" (New Version)


Hidden Tracks
"Static Journey" (Deutsche Version)

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